y'all ever just tell people

do not mention this one person or specific thing because it makes me very angry and sad and reminds me of why i can't trust anyone and how i'll never be loved

and then people mention it to you while laughing ,, *fingerguns* and are confused when you start yelling at them or crying and think ur weird

well karen,, some of us have had been in multiple abusive friendships, and some of us, don't find it funny.

or when your friends act all understanding of you when you say you get anxiety around them but proceed to be jerks to you when you don't hangout with them and trash talk you to the person you like? hahaha so funny,, or when your friends mock you for being too unhappy to change your clothes for a whole six months, calling you depressed as if its funny or a joke but what they dont get is that its true and that they're just mocking you and being . awful. anyone vent done,, just gonna go prob vent to my other friend who has to deal with the same person and the same problem. or like when you cared about someone so much and they think you're just odd for liking them so much even though they helped you get through some of the hardest times and now they're just another person who torments your thoughts at night.

edit: thank u for all the support owo!!

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