Writing Discussion

aka Writing Discussions!

  • I live in in the depths of the AA wiki.
  • My occupation is giving users a place to discuss their writing!
  • I am a forum for the AA :3

Intro Edit

The title says it all. This is place where people come to discuss what they are writing and write about what they discuss. Obey the rules and you'll be fine. Disobey them and you'll be banned for a certain amount of time. The time will vary depending on the offense.

Rules Edit

  1. Be nice. No matter who it is or what they said, remember. Always, be, nice. If someone is spotted being rude, mean, or downright nasty. Please report it. We want wikis to be a safe place, for everyone to enjoy.
  2. On this forum at least, please keep it PG-13, if you are talking about something written that involves Violence, Drugs, or Intimate Romance please say so, and keep it to the discussions where that is allowed. Discussions like that will be marked accordingly.
  3. Other wikis may tell you to keep quiet but here we tell you, don't be afraid to speak your mind. As long as you remember the first two rules you are encouraged to speak up. We want to hear your thoughts, no matter how much we may disagree with them. For you may be right with your theory or opinion and don't be afraid to show it. There is such a thing as constructive criticism.
  4. Know this, this is a writing forum, not a fun and games forum or role-play forum. So please, keep this to writing discussions only. We don't want to clutter up the wall with stuff that doesn't apply to this forum when we could be giving advice on stories or coming up with new theories.
  5. So, now that we've gotten through all the hard stuff there is only one thing left to say, Enjoy!!!

List of those Suspended Edit

Here I'll be keeping track of all the users who are suspended from this forum. Along with countdowns to say how long they have till they can be back on. Be sure to check in on this every day so that you can help keep them off this forum, or if you are one of the ones suspended, how long you have till you can be back.

  • Everyone is welcome currently, so come on in!

Main discussions Edit

Links to main discusions will be here.

  • There aren't any yet so this won't be needed for a while.

Where the forum actually is Edit

It's on the message wall peeps, so if you want to start or join a writing discussion go there!

Other Edit

Nothing is here yet but as the wiki grows there will be, so stay tuned!

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