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  • My occupation is being a crackhead on the internet
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ember | bureaucrat | demiromantic | she/her | infj | lawful good

kpop stan | demigod | mythology-obsessed | devourer of Reese's

Hello! you can call me Ember, or Turquoise if you fancy that. I'm the bureaucrat, and have been an admin for this community since it was created. My life revolves around k-pop, Reese's peanut butter cups, Grey's Anatomy, the Riordanverse, any type of mythology ever, and, recently, Mystic Messenger. I like to talk about nearly anything, though, so hit me up anytime on my wall.

I'm also extremely active on Discord as well (handles are listed below). I've retreated to writing pretty much only more mature stories on Wattpad now, and only post short stories and poems here at the moment (so if you want to see that stuff, check out my Wattpad).

Breaking the rules around here is not very Gucci of anyone, so please report all rule-breaking or non-Gucci behaviors to me or any of the other staff members on our respective message walls. :)

Find my chaotic creations here! '

Contact me on discord!: @dreaming-in-turquoise#0339

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