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aka neighborhood dysphoria goblin

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  • I live in in your pantry, consuming all your gluten and procrastinating
  • I was born on November 7
  • My occupation is eating bread and procrastinating on
  • I am They/Them or He/Him

hi, im your friendly neighborhood dysphoria goblin and content mod. im here if you‘re in need of content moderation or a person to talk to.

i write some stuff and draw 2

My Friend Badge Edit

Finally I have one thanks to the wonderful Enderfire!

Solstice's Fren!

If you received this, it means Solstice Writings/Solstice considers you as a friend! Usually via suffering listening to them need about D&D for hours on end, reading their stories or just being a cool person in general!

If you have received this badge, type {{Solstice's Fren}} in the source code.

My Friends Edit

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Hello! If you have received this badge, you have been selected as a friend by Enderfiretheanimusdragon, aka Enderfire. This means that you have a 50% less chance of being attacked by random Naganadel (check out my prof pic) and/or the Ender Dragon. This also means that you have a 100% more chance of getting nerded at for hours. Just warning you! Anyway, you now have a (possibly draconic?) guard with a Naganadel to answer to behind her.

If you have received this badge, type {{EnderClan}} in the source code.

Badges an’ stuff Edit


Welcome to the Anti Grammar Squad

Welcome to the anti perfection squad, the Home of misspelled words and "bad" grammar. We are excited to welcome you into our squad, and we hope that all words will be expresed freely in our world. Words should be written however we want, with no limitations and no rules. Welcome to the {{Anti Grammar Squad!}}

Food Lover!


Hello! If you own this badge, this means you are a proud food lover who enjoys any types of foods! Put it on your profile with pride, and go eat a cookie!

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Page of Pride

This page shows support for the LGBTQIA+ community! Be it a poem collection, supportive story, true account, or just all-around prideful page, this badge marks a page that supports the community of those who are never afraid to defy the normal, because normal is boring!

To show your Page of Pride, type {{PridePage}} in the source code.

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