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Hello, and welcome to my profile! We currently have 76 active contributors and a total of 74,855 edits!

Before you begin... Edit

Astonnence Shipper!

If you have this badge, it means that you are a proud Astonnence shipper! This relationship between the two OCs Astrum (created by Stardust81) and Innocence (created by Starwings2Night) is truly unforgettable. Astrum is a male Night-Silk hybrid with a crippled wing; he is quiet, anxious, but protective if need be. Innocence is a female Sky-Sand-Silk tribrid; she is a true warrior, proud, caring, and fierce. They are perfect for each other as lovers, friends, companions, fighters, or anything, really. Astonnence features prominently in this (link coming soon) roleplay, and for good reason - this is a truly epic ship.

To show your support for this ship, type {{Astonnence Shipper}} into the source code!

­čÄÁ┬áStardust | INFJ | Ravenclaw | Female |┬áPianist | Demigod | Founder of this Wiki ­čÄÁEdit

Hi, I'm Stardust, and I'm the creator of this wiki! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me ;)

For My Eyes Only Edit

hm don't look unless you're me

Newsletter #1
Welcome to the first official newsletter of Authors' Academy! -airhorns-

We'll be having one of these every month, ideally on the first day. This one is a day late because I was in the car for practically the entire day yesterday.

(Yes, there was one earlier, but it was kind of the tester. Think of it as the preliminary.)

Powerusers will rotate on having newspaper duty, going through the list of admins first and through the other positions. I will message you after the newsletter for that month is posted to alert you that it's your turn. If you can't do it, for whatever reason, tell me and I'll pass it on to the next person in line.


Not much is happening, besides the fact that we've recently had an influx of new users - mostly thanks to our newest poweruser, Firefly Writings. We all thank you, Firefly, for pretty much administering wiki CPR and bringing it back to life.

Polls have been added to the front page! Hop on over there and put in your vote(s)! :D

I am inputting a new category called Mature Content. If you believe your page fits into this category, please add it in as soon as possible. In addition, Shiver has created a badge to show that your page has mature content. If it does, please add it in at the very top. This is what the badge looks like:

Mature Content Warning


This page contains mature content and is not suitable for younger users. If any kind of mature content triggers you, do not read this page.

Type {{Mature Content Warning}} In the source code to put this template on your page.

Important notice: Please do not make new categories without admins' permission. I've noticed new categories floating around like "Mythical", "Fan Characters", and various Fanfiction categories. Examples of this last one are things like "Fanfictions (Keeper of the Lost Cities)" and "Fanfictions (Percy Jackson)". If you have a page(s) in a category like this, please remove it. Excessive categories are not necessary and clutter up the wiki.


Writing Contest: The Reboot: Firefly Writings has rebooted our previous two writing contests and merged them into one. Short stories, based off a judge-given prompt, are due in September.

Hm, that was pretty much it. Anyway, don't forget to check our five forum boards, as always!


Each admin hosting the newsletter will click the Random Page Button three times, and the pages we get will be featured here. The page must be over 5,000 bytes to be featured; you can access this by looking at the edit history.

Also, if the page meets the byte requirement but really has nothing but allegiances or things like that, don't add it.

If the page is something like "A Guide to ___", find the story it is based upon and see if it meets the 3,000 bytes requirement. If so, it is eligible.

Try not to feature the same story or author twice in one newsletter.

Character pages are exempt from this section.

Unnamed MCU Crossover: This is a Marvel crossover story by StarryNight05 and DeltaTheSeaWing. It features their OCs Vera and Vortra in a fantasy-science fiction adventure.

How to Save a Life: A WoF fanfiction by me, it expands on what could have been the life of Crane, a Wings of Fire character who was mentioned but never developed. (Before you jump all over me, I swear I did not do this one on purpose.)

Heart of Gray: Written by Victory the NightWing, Heart of Gray is a Warriors fanfiction about a cat named Grayheart.


This is a new section we're planning to add. I will be making badges to nominate these pages: Best Original Story of the Month, Best Poem of the Month, and Best Fanfiction of the Month. Here's how it'll work:

1) Anybody can find a page they like that falls under one of these categories. They will leave a message for the admin who will be posting the next newsletter, preferably on their wall.

2) The admin will go through these stories, find the one they believe is best, and nominate the three pages in the next newsletter.

3) The authors of these stories are allowed to display the badges they are given on their user pages.


The user Ashburn the Leafwing has recommended to me a site called Sigma's Bookshelf. It's a publishing site for teens, so if you have any interest in that, check it out!

Well, that'll wrap it up for this newsletter! The next newsletter will be posted by TurquoiseEmber, so make sure to give her your top picks for Pages of the Month.

Thanks for reading, and happy writing!

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Hello! If you have received this badge, you have been selected as a friend by Enderfiretheanimusdragon, aka Enderfire. This means that you have a 50% less chance of being attacked by random Naganadel (check out my prof pic) and/or the Ender Dragon. This also means that you have a 100% more chance of getting nerded at for hours. Just warning you! Anyway, you now have a (possibly draconic?) guard with a Naganadel to answer to behind her.

If you have received this badge, type {{EnderClan}} in the source code.

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