• I live in in the depths of the AA wiki
  • My occupation is giving users a place to roleplay on the AA!
  • I am a forum for the Authors' Academy Wiki :D

Roleplay Edit

This is where users come to roleplay. Every fandom, every character, and every spinoff is accepted here - your imagination is your power. Make sure to have fun, and enjoy your time roleplaying here!

We ask that you abide by the Authors' Academy Wiki's Rules and also follow general roleplay rules (no godmodding, controlling others' characters, and being considerate in general).

User Forums Edit

Since the AA was created after FANDOM stopped automatically adding forums to created wikis, we have these instead. They work pretty much just like regular forums - if you want to start a thread or respond to a thread, leave your message on the wall of this user, and it functions just like a forum would!

Again, refer to the Authors' Academy Wiki's Rules and behave accordingly to them here - but make sure to have fun all the while :)

If any problems are present that violate the rules, please don't hesitate to report them to an admin or poweruser. We hope you enjoy your stay here on the Roleplay board!

Disclaimer: All of the user-forum accounts are run by the admins and the admins only.

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