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🍞 Robynn 🍞 Almost always on 🍞 Causing chaos on discussions since 2021 🍞 I was a threadmod before it was cool B) 🍞 Dont misgender me or else I'll eat your kneecaps u n c o o k e d 🍞

I give up on having an organized profile so I left my wife and kids and only took the pets.

SeriouslyPastel is my alt that I never use

Category:Content (PerfectlyPastel) is all my questionable stories

PastelSky #5820 was my old discord I might break into it again


  • butter
  • bread
  • and no

remember kids, never exercise.

This is Bob, he eats human souls and bread.

Badges and Interests

This is Robert, he eats bibles. He tastes the holy water.

This user writes fantasy

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This user likes My Little Pony

I have watched all the episodes at least 3 times, my c h i l d h o o d .

This user likes Wings of Fire

I have read all the books except winglet 4 (i dont mind non-major spoilers though)

This user likes Warriors

I just started reading and am almost done with book 6 of arc 2. Everyone says only the first few arcs are good but I will read all of them.

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This user likes Star Wars

I forgot mostly what happens but yeah-


Cheesus Crust

This user is a follow of Cheesus Crust and his cheesy church.

If it wasn't obvious, this is a joke.

Type {{Cheesus Crust}} in the source code to add this badge to your page.

The almighty being... he is always watching


ask to put yourself here or just add yourself i dont really care


Zura's Friend

If you have received this badge, you're a friend of SamuraiSwords! Watch out for Gintama rambling and...gnomes? Are those gnomes? Why are there gnomes? -screaming-

Thanks for being cool and grucci! <3

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yes i have an interest.. in... um... stalking Sam >:)

mira’s friend


this badge is for the friends of mira!! for those who have held on and stayed strong even through probably incoherent screaming about uh stuff

thank you for listening to my rambles <3

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