aka Fable

  • I live in Istanbul (not Constantinople, so if you've a date in Constantinople she'll be waiting in Istanbul)
  • My occupation is a professional procrastin
  • I am ultra fine point sharpies

Leave a message!! I don't mind!! Please do, Actually! I enjoy conversations!! I might not respond very fast/ might forget, so if I do, don't be afraid to remind me and try not to take it personally!


2016 was 4 years ago how wild is that


Oh goodness gracious I'm stuck in an elevator with the messiah and also literally god themself this is awkward


What are birds? We just don't know



It is I, Jaguar. You don't have to call me that, though. I mean, there's not many other things you can call me. I also sometimes go by Fable on other things, so I guess you can call me that. I might get confused/ forget though. If I do, please remind me!

I'm currently really into Danganronpa, I'm watching End of Hope's Peak Highschool and am watching other people play ndrv3 because I spent all money on other things so I can't buy it. I am playing the Ace Attorney games, Your Turn To Die and Bless you RIP. Other games I've played/ watched people play include: Doki Doki Lit. Club, Oneshot (not done with solstice though), Wandersong, and other things I can't remember. I'm a pretty big consumer of the Pokemon franchise, although it has begun to not interest me as much. I stand by my statement that the best Pokemon anime is Indigo League and that since then the anime adaptions have been slowly getting worse. I enjoy playing the card game and own about 100~ tiny bootleg plastic figures of Pokemon that are stored in my closet.

I'm trying to get into more anime, which is hard considering the ratings for many. Plenty of the ones I want to watch say TV-14 on imdb or on Funimation, but then on Netflix and/ or Hulu they're TV-MA, which can get me into some sticky situations with my parents (and sister... who seems to care more than them?). Currently I'm watching like, ten. By watching, for most of them, I mean 'have watched the first episode and liked it but have been too busy to watch any more.'

My favorite movie is A Silent Voice (although the manga was better don't @ me)

I also have been trying to get back into reading! Woohoo. It's hard, but I know I need to finish the 10 or so books that all have bookmarks in them, but these days it's kind of hard to sit down and relax. And focus. Focusing is hard too, lol.


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