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hello and welcome to our profile! we're a content mod on this wiki, moderating the pages and such of the wiki. please feel free to contact us regarding these duties if needed (though we may not be able to give a response right away), or ask about something relating to the content on the wiki.

like the bio says, we're a median system. being completely honest, it's not something we bring up too often outside of when it's relevant enough and we don't often use plural pronouns for ourselves unless we either feel comfortable enough doing so, it's something we collectively agree on, or feel like it's relevant enough to use them instead. and it also depends on who's fronting, honestly. but either way, we typically use singular pronouns instead mainly because it gets kind of awkward explaining the whole "we're a system" thing. we don't often sign our posts because some days we honestly don't know and switches are blurry at times, but if we know for sure, then we will end up signing our posts

there's around six of us now, but honestly it isn't something that shouldn't be too much of a worry in the sense of "who am i talking to" since not all of us ever front and it's typically the same individuals who use fandom anyways (usually Ivy, Saxen, and Max). if you want more information about it, you can take a look at our padlet referring to all of us (or any of us really) here if needed/curious. mainly mentioning this because this is a thing that we feel people on here should know


special interests

  • paper mario: the origami king
  • wings of fire: dragonslayer / humans in wings of fire
  • dragon quest
  • pokemon
  • miitopia

general interests

  • minecraft (referring to the game itself and the ost)
  • creative writing
  • art
  • video games
  • video editing
  • cooking / baking


* note - will preface this with the fact that most of our writing falls under a T rating, referring to our works posted here. as well as the fact that honestly, most of these that are unfinished will likely never be finished.


original fiction


  • Never Will Be - (Original) / complete (note - this is a vent poem and outright contains mature content.)


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This user is transgender

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This user likes My Little Pony
(haven't watched it in a year or so but do like it a fair bit ^^)


outside of fandom
  • tumblr:
    • anthracitewhispers (main)
    • ashes-of-burnt-art (fandom/art blog)
    • of-the-wingwatchers (wings of fire blog)
    • gaybian-culture-is
    • anthraviolets (miitopia blog)
  • archive of our own: Silky_Sands
  • discord: gay office supplies go brrr#2970
  • deviantart: Marrowfrost (hhh really want to change the name but need core for that)

we have more but these are the main ones that we use outside of fandom - we really don't go on many other wikis besides this one and our own personal wiki meant for character stuff and coding practice