aka Delta, Del, Padawan Del, Smol Angry Bean

Content Moderator
  • I live in a pile of blankets on my bed
  • I was born on August 28
  • My occupation is a major procrastination queen
  • I am Evil. Just . . . just evil.
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Introverts unite!

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Introverts are shy people who would rather stay home than go to a party. They're usually very quiet and independent. There's nothing wrong with being a shy introvert!

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Now listen up! NOW! YES I'M TALKING TO YOU! Jk, you can leave if you want! :D But I would love it if you could stay and chat!

//Turns on R2-D2’s recorder//

I am your friendly neighborhood content mod, so if you see any plagiarism or anything, do NOT hesitated to report it! I can delete or protect articles. Thank you.

I CAN DO THAT NOW!!!! Oh, it's still on?

//Turns off//

Hi! I'm Princess Delta of the SeaWings! I love Wings of Fire, Foxcraft, and The Hunger Games, and I hope to one day feel like I deserve to be a content mod in this amazing Wiki! (Believe me, I have no idea how I got this position, but I'm glad I did!! No seriously, I forgot how I got to be a contentmo!) I also look forward to writing stories and reading stories!

Solstice's Fren!

If you received this, it means Solstice Writings/Solstice considers you as a friend! Usually via suffering listening to them need about D&D for hours on end, reading their stories or just being a cool person in general!

If you have received this badge, type {{Solstice's Fren}} in the source code.


  • I am an average writer, probably not the best, but not the worst (hopefully)
  • I have a serious procrastination problem and I have a hard time finishing a story, so sorry, but don’t hold your breath.
  • I consider myself an author, but aren't we all?
  • I love phoenixes, dragons, griffins, and foxes
  • I love RPing
  • If you would like to chat about how annoying and spineless Peeta is, how Darkstalker could have left the series hundreds of different ways but they just had to choose the worst option, about how the old Changeling design was a thousand times better, about how Siffrin is the best fox ever and Isla is way overrated, I'm your person!!
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