• So, um, I got permission from Firefly Writings to do this if you're wondering!

    ((Oh, man, why am I so nervous??))

    The rules are the same as the other Build Your Own Stories, as in:

    • we will all take turns writing paragraphs that expand the story
    • you cannot quote other paragraphs
    • try to keep characters' personalities consistent
    • magic is allowed, but normal humans don't regularly use it
    • the rules in this story will come naturally
    • have fun(I guess)

    Okay, so the last one really isn't a rule, but you get the point, right??

    Also, I haven't done anything like this before, so please, be patient with me.

    Also also, the first paragraph is based on the 200s movie(or, at least, what I remember about it, since I can't seem to find it), and we can build off from there.

    Alright? Let's begin.

    Also, credit to both Solstice Writings and Firefly Writings for their threads on this idea.

    It was the early 1800s, and also late winter in Russia. Two mice are watching a seeming toymaker open a package and pull out a nutcracker from there. He(the toymaker) seemed to be muttering about how long he had waited for this day to arrive.

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