The books take place in a world where fantastical creatures have almost been driven to extinction. It follows the adventures of an elf, a dwarf, a dragon, a fairy, a unicorn, a phoenix, and a mermaid.


  • Arya - elf - f - an elven princess, brave and adventurous

  • Troy - dwarf - m - tough and battle-ready

  • Echo - dragon - f - solitary, can control sound

  • Flora - fairy - f - suspicious and aggressive, great with a bow and arrows

  • Blue - unicorn - m - brave and adventurous

  • Mist - phoenix - m - an ice phoenix and an outcast, he spends much time pondering the questions of the universe

  • Octavia - mermaid - f - curious, inquisitive, musical


Book I: The City - POV: Arya

It takes place in an elven city at the heart of the forest. The elves are discussing the threat of humans in their forest. A group of twenty-one elves are selected to make contact with the other fantastical creatures, Arya among them. Along the way, various misfortunes fall upon them, and many are killed. Then they are attacked by humans, and only Arya survives. She continues the journey on foot, and by the time she reaches the home of the dwarves she is nearly dead.

Book II: The Mountain - POV: Troy

It takes place in the mountain home of the dwarves.

Book III: The Cliff - POV: Echo

It takes place in the high cliffs of the dragons.

Book IV: The Forest - POV: Flora

It takes place at the edges of the forest, where the fairies dwell.

Book V: The Sky - POV: Blue

It takes place high above the land, in the cloud home of the unicorns.

Book VI: The North - POV: Mist

It takes place in the snowy arctic where Mist makes his home.

Book VII: The Deep - POV: Octavia

It takes place in the deepest depths of the ocean.
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