~written by Snowen Skales , a well known genius with a degree in elementistry (the study of the 7 elements). 

Introduction Edit

If you happen to find yourself in the right situations, you will be lucky (or unlucky) to have unlocked one of humanity's greatest mysteries. If you are reading this, chances you are aware of the 7 elements, Fire, Earth Wind, Water, Nature, Light, and Darkness. Of course, those labels are a misconception and are merely terms simplified by society. In this book, we will be disscussing in depth of the quality and traits of each element, and how they shaped history as we know it.

The 7 ElementsEdit

Contrary to popular belief, the 7 elements' names' aren't literal, but are a simplified and easier way of disscussing the extra abilities and information tied to those elements. The wind element, for example, isn't all about controlling the wind. It actually allows the user to controll the space around an object, allowing things like levitation to occur. Once you wrap your head around that, it becomes easier to understand and controll your ability.  It was long believed that the element you get is genetic, but it is later found that genetics has very little to do with it. It has not been confirmed 100%, but recent studies show that style choice, personality, and beliefs play a big role in determining a person's element. This makes personality tests a somewhat effective way of finding one's element.

Aside from tests, another way to tell your element you have is by looking for the little details a person has. Everyone has a predetermined element chosen since birth. Depending on what element you have, you may have a small, special perk that hints at your element. Every element has at least one perk that you may or may not have before you have discovered your element. There is no guarentee that you have it, and even if you do, there is no guarentee that that element is yours to control. These perks are:

Fire ---- resistant to burns and hot weather

Water ----- being able to hold your breath for longer than average periods

Wind ------ being able to sense changes in wheather patterns

Earth ----- resistant to damage, resistant to broken bones

Nature ----- resistant to poisons, drugs, and illnessess

Light ----- sharp eyesight, more focused on tasks

Darkness ----- enhanced night vision

Before unlocking your element, these hidden abilities are already significantly or slightly stronger than an average person's. You may not notice any differences, and that's okay. After unlocking your element, these hidden abilities will get stronger with practice, untill it becomes almost to a superhuman level:

Fire ---- immune to burns and extreme heat

Water ----- "breathing" underwater

Wind ------ sensitivity to weather changes, accurate predictions to upcoming wheather, and accurate changes in temperature

Earth ----- immune to bruises and broken bones

Nature ----- poisons will have no effect, near unlikely to suffer from illnessess

Light ----- 20/20+ eyesight, hyper focused on tasks

Darkness ----- complete night vision, as well as heat vision

The best of the best are able to achieve these feats, but takes a lot of practice. About .000004% of people have ever maximised these abilities. And, as you expect, they are masters at controlling their element. More about them will be disscussed later.

Some of these elements are able to shapeshift into various animals (which is interesting, as this suggests that humans do not belong in the animal kingdom. This won't be disscussed later, unfortunately). However, this is to be discouraged, as it can lead you to be stuck as an animal, or as a human/animal hybrid. To undo that mistake, you have to successfully morph into the animal you were aiming for, and then successfully morph back into a human. Once morphed, you keep the same memories and intelligence level as your human self, but you lose/gain the senses of the animal you morphed into. Typically, the higher up the animal is in the food chain, the harder it is to morph into and back. The elements that are able to do this are: 

Water ----- aquatic animals, amphibians

Wind ------ birds

Earth ----- any mammals

Nature ----- Insects and snakes

A well known mystery is that you are able to morph into creatures of legend. There is no record of anyone being able to transform into these beasts. However, there is a very, very, very slim chance of it being true, as there were sightings of these creatures being spotted in the past, which may have been element users. These animals are from common folklore tales, such as dragons, pheonixes, and pegasi, to name a few. This may be the cause of unsuccessful transformations being mistaken as beasts, which can certainly result into something like "werewolves" or "centaurs". Another reason may be an extremely unlikely case of elemental hybridism, which leads us to...

Hybrids and other oddities. Hybrids (not to be confused with human/animal hybrids from failed attempts at morphing) are referring to the phenomenon of which someone is able to possess more than one kind of element. There are only two recorded cases of this ability, though there are many inconsistancies in the documents that it is hard to believe that such a thing can exist. Hybrids are theorized to occur when a person's personality is completely balanced out, meaning they have the common traits of two or more elements, and one personality doesn't overpower the other. Hybrids may have been able to transform into those legendary creatures as listed above. From the myths, a Fire and Wind hybrid can turn into a phoenix, a Water and Darkness hybrid can turn into an animal resembling Cthulu, and so on and so forth. 


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