(So...One night I was talking with my mom, and I was explaining what my version of the best feeling is...and she said I should write it down)

The Best Feeling Edit

By : Who wrote this...? OH! I did. Right.

The best feeling in the world is elation. Excitement. Anticipation. But not just any anticipation, excitement, or elation. You're standing in the back. It is dark, but it doesn't feel scary. The only light is filtering from under the curtain. You look at the shadowed shapes of the people standing next to you. None of you dare to speak, but loud, unspoken words are constantly being exchanged. Good luck. You'll do awesome. Break a leg. Have fun out there. You shift in your costume. It's uncomfortable, but you're too excited to care.

Then finally


The flowing red curtain opens slowly, and light floods onto the stage. You straighten your shoulders and clear your throat. You glance a final look at the people around you before walking onto the stage. The glow of a hundred faces fill your vision as you belt out the first note. The greatest feeling in the world doesn't come from money, or sunshine, or jewels, or any of these things. It comes from pure, quiet happiness. The happiness only lasts a few minutes, but in those few minutes, life is complete.


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