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Prologue: Eat this! Edit

”EAT THIS” Mike yelled.

He threw the impact grenade at the Russian Soldiers. Mike Sallas had just killed the Russian President only minutes before. Mike Grabbed his KEN-45 & ducked.

”Duc—!” One of the Russian Soldiers tried to yell.

The renade Hit him dead on, killing him instantly. The explosion sent shrapnel all over the place, killing or wounding the other soldiers. Mike ran, as more poured at his. They inaccurately fired at Mike from the hip, well he fired at them from a aiming position. Mike jumped in the Helicopter.

”Get me up & out of here, now!”

Mike Mounted the RKM & fired at the Russians. The Russians fired, yelled, & screamed as they were killed. The Cropper begin to lift up, taking heavy fire. Mike Finally Gunned down the Charging Russians when the Danged RKM Emptied out.

“FLIP!” Mike Yelled out to the pilot. Mike began to reload as the Helicopter flew off.


”General Alexander, Sir!” the messager spoke as he ran in.

”What?” Said the General, hidden in the shadows.

“We have been attacked!“ The Messager said “The President’s been killed!”

”Well,“ He Responded. “The Devil’s in the Details”

He Raised a Silenced PMM semiautomatic Pistol & shot him in the head, twice. The Messager’s Blood covered the door, & some of the floor. The General’s Body fell from the ceiling down onto his table. The so-called General walked out of the Shadows. It was the President himself. The *former* President exited the building.

Character One: The Commandos Edit


Character Two: The Kińg Èider Squad Edit

Well do later.

Character Three: The Canadian Armies Edit

Well do later.

Character Four: Fort Nickel Edit

Well do later

Character Five: The End of the Beginning Edit

Well do later

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