So..yeah. A comic series. I wanted to practice my cat drawing so like, why not turn my really old Warriors fanfic into a comic series? Lol this is gonna be terrible.

Notes(READ THIS!)Edit

  • Whenever a piece of art is like, lacking whiskers of something is probably me being lazy. Don't point it out please. I probably already noticed it.
  • My stupid drawing app doesn't let me do text, so I have to handwrite everything, so if you can't read what something says, just ask
  • If you didn't know, you can click on the image to read the text better
  • Currently working on: Page 3 of 4 of Chapter 1
  • Speed paints of the comics every Tuesday on my YouTube channel




Years after the canon events, everything seems too peaceful. And when a black she-cat rebels against her destiny, the peace is broken.


Chapter 1Edit

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