1) Be kind.

 Remember the Golden Rule. This wiki was specifically designed to help others, not to hurt. Be considerate and friendly at all times towards everyone. Hate speech is not allowed towards anyone. This includes homophobic language, ethnic slurs, or religious hate. That means no language or content that encourages hatred or violence or disparages others on the basis of their race, gender, sexuality, religion, country of origin and so on.

  • Debates are allowed, but there must be no deprecatory language towards anyone.
  • Yes, this wiki was designed to help authors grow, but extremely harsh criticism is not tolerated. In addition, don't leave criticisms on other people's pages unless they asked for it.
  • Using hate speech towards anyone will result in a month-long ban.
  • Using hate speech towards anyone once more after the block will result in a block of twice the time (since you've committed the crime twice). This will result in a two-month-long block.
  • Using hate speech for the third time will immediately result in a permanent ban.

2) Follow powerusers' instructions. 

If a poweruser tells you to stop doing something, you must stop immediately. Nothing good will come of disobeying their instructions.

3) Don't spam, vandalize, create random pages, etc. 

These clutter the wiki and serve no purpose. Our wiki is meant to provide useful information and be a fun place for writers to share content -- keep pages relevant to that. In addition to avoiding creating irrelevant pages, do not create new infobox templates. Only use the official templates -- creating new ones will be considered spamming.

  • Vandalizing any page deliberately will not be tolerated and will result in a month-long block.
  • Vandalizing once more after the block will result in a two-month-long block.
  • Vandalizing for the third time will immediately result in a permanent ban.

4) Don't share personal information. 

This is obvious - it's for everyone's safety. Your real name, address, school name, photos of yourself or your friends and family - all of these are things you should think twice about sharing. Remember, once it's online, you can't take it back. 

  • There is no punishment for this, as what you put online is up to your own discretion.  

5) Keep content PG-13. 

This wiki isn't meant to talk about...that stuff. No sexual content will be tolerated, and you will be banned if you post any sexual or pornographic content. You're not allowed to curse either - you can use "frick," "crap," “darn," or other office-safe swear words. ”Hell“ and “damn” are allowed if used sparingly.

  • Abbreviations, such as 'lmao' or 'wtf' are tolerated, as long as the expanded forms are not said.
  • The penalty for those who fail to keep content within these limits is a month-long ban.
  • If this is the second time you have failed to abide by this rule, the ban will be twice as long as the last one, like the vandalism rule.
  • Failure to do this for the third time will immediately result in a permanent ban.

6) No homophobia.

You are entitled to your own opinions, but it is a Community Central rule that expressing homophobia is not allowed. Our wiki (like all wikis) is LGBT-friendly, and we'd like to keep it that way.

  • Expressing homophobia will result in a month-long ban.
  • Expressing homophobia once more after the block will result in a two-month-long ban.
  • Expressing homophobia for the third time will immediately result in a permanent ban.

7) No ban-evading.

Once you have been banned, you have been banned. Please do not try to create other accounts and pretend to be someone else - it's just a hassle for the admins to hunt you down and ban you again, when all they are trying to do is keep peace.

  • After ban-evading once, you will be banned for a year.
  • If you ban-evade another time during the time you are blocked, it will immediately result in a permanent ban.
  • If you create multiple accounts after being warned that you are going to be banned, it counts as a form of ban-evading.

8) No underage users.

You may not be on this wiki if you are underage. This is a FANDOM-wide rule, and must be followed on any wiki regardless. You can either keep it a secret and act mature, or better, just wait until you are old enough to be on the wiki.

  • If a poweruser finds out that you are underage, it will immediately result in a ban, no exceptions.
  • This ban will last for however long until you are 13. For example, if it has been revealed you are 11, you will be banned for two years.

9) Do not create main categories.

Everyone can make content categories (such as "Content (TurquoiseEmber)") but only a poweruser can make main categories, such as "Short Stories" or "Fantasy." You may, however, request for a poweruser to make a new main category.

  • If you make a main category by yourself the first time, you receive only a warning.
  • If you make a main category by yourself again, the penalty is a ban of one month.
  • If you make a category by yourself yet again, we will not tolerate this and will permanently ban you.

And that's it! Enjoy your time here, but please obey these rules all the while!

Deletion Policy


On the AA wiki, we get cluttered with unnecessary pages quite quickly, so we have formulated a deletion policy. Any page that meets all of the criteria stated here are nominated for "deletion rounds." If a page does not meet all three, or has an exception, it does not qualify to be a candidate for deletion. 


Every so often, the powerusers will go through and 'de-clutter' the wiki - which means deleting spam pages, useless pages, or pages whose users ask for them to be removed. This is done whenever we feel that the wiki is getting too crowded - but don't worry, we'll notify everyone with an announcement post. 

How do I report a page, and what is the deletion process?

Again, whenever the admins feel the need to de-clutter, they'll put out an announcement for a thread. Below the thread, anyone can submit any page - they just have to meet the criteria shown below. After someone reports a page on the de-cluttering thread, the powerusers will add the "Candidates for deletion" category onto the page. Later, the admins will look through each of the pages in the category, and deliberate what exactly needs to be deleted.

What are the criteria that the pages must meet?

The criteria are:

  • No editing activity for more than six months
  • Less than 5 comments
  • Smaller than 5000 bytes


  • general spam/useless/random information 
  • inappropriate information


  • Poems and short stories are excluded and will not be deleted unless they contain spam or inappropriate material.
  • Haikus, however, must go on blog posts regardless. If your haiku is on a page for itself, we will immediately request you to move it to a blog post.

What happens if my page is to be deleted?

If your page is to be deleted, one of the admins or powerusers will notify you prior to deletion. You will then have the option of moving your page to a blog post format. This way, your page is gone, but your literature still remains on the wiki. (Chances are, though, your page contained information that was useless to everyone and was pointless spam.)

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.