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Please read this page in its entirety before contributing to our wiki.

All penalties for breaking these rules will be decided on a case-by-case basis by our moderation team. If you have any questions about these rules, reach out to a poweruser.

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No underage users.

  • This wiki is for ages 13 and up. This is not our rule but Fandom’s rule. You certified you were at least 13 when you signed up for an account.
  • If it is found you are under 13, you will be banned until you are 13. For example, if it is revealed you are 11, you will be banned for two years.
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Be kind.

  • Discrimination or hate speech of any kind is NOT permitted. This wiki is a safe space for everyone and we are going to keep it that way.
  • Do not harass other users.
  • Do not leave harsh or uncalled for criticism on other users’ pages or art. We’re here to grow as creators, not to tear each other down.
    • Some users may not want criticism at all, and you must respect that.
    • When a user wants criticism, you must offer it kindly. This is a free-to-use writing site, not a publishing firm. To give good critiques, you point out not only what they need to improve but also what they’re doing well. We are here to build each other up, not break each other down.

Art by EatMyPaint

Follow powerusers' instructions.

  • If you are asked to stop doing something, stop immediately.
  • Do not remove warnings from your message wall.
  • Do not attempt to evade a ban with alternate accounts.
  • Do not mini-mod. If you see rule-breaking content, report it and don’t attempt to do the mods’ job for them.

Keep most content in English.

  • This is for moderation purposes, as this wiki has a primarily English-speaking audience and team. We kindly ask that you do not make full stories or posts in other languages -- but small bits with English translations are permitted.

No NSFW content.

  • Do not post pornographic content or other sexually explicit material.
  • No graphic images.
  • No links containing explicit content.
  • No sexually suggestive content.

No uncensored profanity.

  • All profane words must be censored with at least one asterisk (example: sh*t).
  • “Hell” and “damn” do not need to be censored, as they are considered mild.
  • You may say “lmao” and “wtf” and other abbreviations.
  • Office-safe swear words (ex: frick, crap, darn) are allowed.
  • “Bastard” is not considered a profane word, and neither is “piss”.

Use warnings for mature content and tag your pages appropriately.

  • If your story contains violence, multiple instances of censored swearing, or upsetting topics, include a mature content warning at the top of the page. The following are considered upsetting topics and require their respective tags to be added in addition to the mature content warning tag:
    • major character death
    • self-harm
    • suicide
    • abuse
    • drugs and alcohol
    • discrimination (transphobia, homophobia, racism, sexism, etc.)
    • graphic depictions of violence
    • blood and gore (maybe your story is lighter on violence but still has blood -- use this tag!)
    • sexual assault (mentions ONLY -- you may NOT post anything with descriptions of it)
  • Minor blood spatters are allowed in art, provided you include a warning.
  • This wiki has tags for age ratings. At this time, these tags are not required to be used but are strongly encouraged. They are listed below:
    • Rated G: appropriate for all ages
    • Rated PG: appropriate for everyone 10 and up
    • Rated PG-13: appropriate for everyone 13 and up
    • Rated R: appropriate for everyone 16 and up

Be a responsible editor.

  • Don’t spam.
  • Don’t vandalize.
  • Don’t create pointless pages.
  • Don’t edit pages that don’t belong to you, unless you’re adding categories. Altering other users’ content is disrespectful to them as creators.
  • Do not create new templates. The only templates you may create are personal friend badges. Read more about this policy here.
  • Don’t create main categories. The only category you may create is your personal content category, which follows the naming convention of Content (Full Username) [example: Content (TurquoiseEmber)].
  • Categorize your pages appropriately. If you are unsure what categories to add, ask a poweruser.

Use the discussions forums appropriately.

  • Don’t spam.
  • Don’t “necropost,” or post on old threads. A thread is considered old once it has been inactive for two weeks.
    • This excludes official threads linked in the navigation bar. Last Post Wins, the vent/support thread, and the Writing Club are always okay to post on, even if they haven’t been active for a while.
  • Don’t post on private chat threads that aren’t meant for you.
  • Stories belong on pages, not the Writing Discussions forum.
  • Report any rule-breaking posts.
  • Don’t interact with trolls. Report them to the mods and carry on as normal.

Do not plagiarize.

  • If we find you are stealing content from other writers, whether or not they’re on our site, the page will be deleted and you will receive a warning. Continued plagiarism will result in a block.
  • Do not take credit for someone else’s art or images.
  • “Credit to the artist” is not a credit. Either find the artist or don’t post the picture.

Be safe.

What you share is up to you, but keep these things in mind:

  • Do not share your full name, address, phone number, etc. Remember, once something is online, you can't take it back — so share wisely.
  • Making extensive lists of everything that upsets you on your profile is not recommended.
  • Don't share your age unless you're an adult.

Content Policy

  • All wiki content must follow the rules listed above.
  • Pages must be meaningful contributions to the wiki.
  • Completed or abandoned pages under 500 bytes will be moved to blog posts.
  • Do not put special symbols or fonts in page titles. This makes them difficult to read or search.
  • If you want a page of yours deleted, contact a content moderator. Don’t just blank the page, as empty pages clutter the wiki.
  • Empty or mostly empty pages will be deleted.