Hmmm this is just an extremely crappy poem I wrote for English class. (If you happen to be in fanfiction net there's like a 0.0001% chance you saw it there.)

This is technically a fanfiction in the form of a poorly written mimic poem because my English teacher made me.

so uhh,,, pretty major Spoilers for The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau. Sorry if I got anything wrong if any of y'all are hardcore Testing fans because I don't have the book with me to confirm anything.


Thomas is trying to convince me

That Will is bad.

He shoots a dirty look at him

When he tells me he’s dangerous

I don’t know if I fully trust him

But in this game

You need allies

Because walking down the road could kill you

But Will could try to kill me

I barely register 

When Will shoots the gun

I only hope

That this is all a bad dream

I’ll wake up soon

Trying to unsee

The look on his face

When he pulled the trigger

His green eyes

And horrible smile

I’ve never prayed before,

But God, let us survive

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Welp that was the poem. This is my first time creating a page so sorry if I did anything wrong.

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