I got bored so I made this.

Random conversations between people, working at a pizza place. Just kinda thought it up? Hopefully it’s in the right category. Tell me if it’s not. Please.

Transcript 1: Edit

“Good afternoon.”

“It’s 2 am in the morning.”

“I’ve kinda felt like killing everyone in the office this week.”

“You’re a pizza delivery guy and we don’t work in an office.”

“Y’know, just pick up a knife and start stabbing, see how many die.”

“Probably zero, you suck with knifes. Do we even have knifes? Also, don’t kill.”

“Anyway, I’m going to go poison this pizza.”

“You’re using sugar. That probably still counts as poisoning, does pizza even taste good with sugar?”

“Yeah, anyway, the Boss summoned a demon so he didn’t come in for work today.”

“What, again? What is this, the 3rd time?”

“Yep. Anyway, see ya!”

“Was our conversation done?”

[No Answer]

“Guess so.”

Moral of the story: Pizza.

Transcript 2: Edit

“Once I tried to deliver a pizza to a guy, but he locked the door. So, then I did what any sensible guy would do.

“Leave? Eat the pizza?”

“I broke into his house. Through a window! Windows are easy to break. So I broke in, right? And then the dude came barreling down the stairs with a shotgun, and he fired and BLAM! It missed. So then I jumped over a table and threw the pizza at him”

“And then you left right?”

“Yep! Right after I yelled “LEAVE A TIP!”, I kicked his door open and left.”

“And that’s your favorite memory from working here?”

“Third favorite. What’s yours?”

“Once one day, nothing happened. That was the best.”

Moral of the story: People have differences for some reason.

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