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Written by PuffinTheRainWing

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    My Personal Cover Art for Operation Black Sparrow

Duel Notes:

Note 1; I didn’t know of any possible works that exist 3 months ago (when I started writing it on google docs). Pls do not be insulted or go after me for it.

Note 2; This is 5 Short Stories that all exist in the same world, most of it still in my mind.

Another Note: Not all of this is written (or taken from the doc).


Story 1: Apollo Black Edit

“Home base to Fallen Eagle, your hull has been damaged, there's something wrong! What the hell is going on up there??? Over”.

 Steve Parks AKA ‘Fallen Eagle’ heard over the radio. They had only landed on the moon 15 minutes ago, yet something had hit the hull. Mike Sallas had gone to check on it, but that was 5 minutes ago. 

“Unknown. I sent Sallas to check, but he has not returned, Over.” Steve responded to Home base though the radio. 

“Fallen Eagle- Radio- Losing Control- Hide- Over!!!”

“Home base? Home base?”

Steve knew there was something wrong with this Operation from that minute. He slowly approached the ship door. Just as Steve was reaching for the keypad, something crashed into the door. Steve jumped, backing up into the wall. It happened again, and again, and again, repeating harder over time. The Astronaut walked forward, to the door again. He looked through the door window to see a huge, grayish-black scaled beast, with blood red eyes using the dead (Partially Eaten) body of Mike Sallas, fully suited. The Astronaut hit the lock key on the door’s pad, setting in the Door bars. Steve was scared as he dashed for the weapons locker. Steve quickly pushed the code into the locker’s keypad.

“1627, 1627, come on…”

The Locker code went though. It opened. The door let go, as all the air escaped from the ship. Steve grabbed the G29 semi automatic Pistol. The beast ripped though the ship, coming at him. Steve turned sharply & fired. Three times, 3 no gav bullets, 3 hits in the head, and the beast fell. In the area outside, thought what used to be a door, Steve saw a horde like no other, a horde of the greyish-black beasts. He knew, as of fact, that he could not kill 10 more of them, never mind all of the horde. Steve returned to the weapons locker, and grabbed as many grenades as he could putting them all in a bag. Using the radio, he sent a final message to home base. 

“If anyone hears this, tell SAS soldiers David & Mike Baroni, and CSOR soldier Hunter Stefper to ready,“ Steve stopped, “Something huge is coming… and they are the only ones who can stop it” Steve shot the grenades. And his world went black.

Story 2: Operation Golden bandit Edit

Mike Baroni knew something had been wrong for a while. The heads-up patol had not returned after an hour, the mean-up team was found dead 35 minutes ago, and 4 minutes ago, a house in the was smashed by something & screams + gunfire came from it after. Mike had Mounted their Jeep’s Mounted Lee-Stefper Heavy MG. They were driving up the old town’s road ‘Cranberry street’ when their target: Subject 561 came out of nowhere & flipped the front jeep, killing it’s MG gunner instantly. Mike aimed, and let his gun fire into it as the back jeep with his brother, David Baroni (manning the MG) pulled to the side to fire & Subject 561 ripped the Front-middle jeep to pieces. The Middle jeep came to a stop, followed by the back-middle jeep Mike was in. Subject 561 charged at the jeep Mike’s jeep as the middle jeep rammed it after the other occupants & Gunner had jumped out. The Jeep Exploded. Mike fired until there were no bullets left in the MG, and as he was getting out, Subject 561 smashed the jeep with Mike in it. Mike was still active for a minute, firing with a modified M16, but when the MG fell on him, Mike was knocked out cold.

“MIKE!!!” David Baroni Yelled Loudly. David Ran for Mike’s flipped, smashed Jeep as he flung his Snoped AR15 over his shoulder. He entered the jeep though where the MG was. He found Mike, wounded, and knocked out. He was bleeding, and fast. David pulled the MG off Mike, and as he tried to slow Mike’s bleeding he yelled


“Coming!” Pvt. John C. yelled as he ran for the flipped jeep. He entered where David had, to find David’s Brother, Mike Baroni, badly wounded. John bandaged Mike well David used a Flag Grenade on Subject 561. John then gave Mike a syringe of stimulant, then another of Adrenaline.

“Hold on there Mike, we’re getting you out of here.”

David Fired at Subject 561 liked there was no tomorrow, to cover John well he got Mike to their last Jeep, which they had hidden in a large bush so Subject 561 could not see it. David & a handful of other soldiers were the only one’s left of their squad, in only 8 minutes. Pvt. James Salmon charged at Subject 561 with a Knife taped on his M16, and grenades taped on him. He fought the beast for about a minute before it killed him by ripping his head off. James Body was shot by David & his Friend, Srgt. Terry Dewell. As it blew up, Subject 561 was charging at Pvt 1 Cls. Jake Jones. The Explosion blew Subject 561 over Jake & into a house, killing subject 561. 

“Subject 561 is down, I repeat, Subject 561 is down.” Terry said to command over the Radio.


“Heavy. 21 dead, 1 wounded”

“Who was wounded?”

“Mike Baroni.”

”The SAS Special Forces Guy? Uh. Thats new, over.”

David Baroni was truly scared for the first time in 7 years as they were driving for the drop point. Mike was really dying.

Story 3: Darkest Before the Dawn Edit

It was Raining, Just like in the Movies David Baroni thought. His Brother, Mike Baroni, had bleed out in his arms only hours before. In the Few Hours, the SAS had gathered up a Firing Team & His Remaining Team for a Mini-Funeral. They had all wore their Military Uniforms there.


Story 4: Kińg Èider Edit

The Security Team had locked down the Zone R Hub Door. They had used Tables, Chairs, & Bodies of Scientists, Office Workers, & Other Security to make Cover. A Wounded Security Officer walked around the Corner into their Blockade.

”Identity yourself,“ Their head officer said “I said, Ident—“

The Security Officer Raised his Pistol & shot him in the head. The others quickly shot him with their MP5’s & Spas-12’s, killing him as fast as he had appeared. US Black Ops Units quickly came past the Corner at them, M16s-a-blazing. The Security fought back, most being killed in seconds.

DUCK!” One screamed before death.

”Hold them off until Central Security, some MRCU, MCCU or a RRT gets here!“ Another yelled.

They were quickly all killed, but not fast a enough for them not to radio it to the Central area of Zone R.


David T. had been hiding from the Black Op Units to avoid death, and he knew they would kill him, even enough he was just a Office Worker. He had Armed himself with a dead internal Security Guard‘s MP5. He could hear gunfire coming from everywhere, the falling of bodies, & the moving of Heavy Black-op Boots in his Direction. He grabbed a Line of string.

“This better work...” he whispered to himself.

He Pulled. The String came apart quickly, letting the pieces of cubicle, chairs, & Tables that it had kept holding up go, to fall on to the Black Ops men. More Gunshots, more bodies, but no more boots. David crouch walked to his trap, to find the black ops soldier, buried in the rubble, out colder then ice in Winter. David grabbed one of their silenced Glock 45. Pistols, & shot into each ones heads at point-blank range. Blood went everywhere. 45. Bullet casings flew from the gun. David was sure that other soldiers would have heard it. He was sure that he was about to die from their bullets being shot at him any second now. He was sure that nobody could save him now.

But you know what?

He was wrong.


Srgt. Steve T. had been alarmed of the US Black Op attack only Seconds ago, and he was scared for his brother David in the Office area. He & his group of MCCU were now on the move to the Office Area to retake it from the Black Ops Soldiers. He knew it would be hard.


Story 5: The Necromancer Edit


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Picture Gallery Edit


A Map of USA & Canada, 2061 (Time of the Kińg Éider Raids)


Mike Baroni’s SAS Beret

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