Note: This is taken directly from a journal last written in by a third grader, so the grammar, spelling, and structure are, to be honest, awful, and is so random at some points, and so I give you a massive cringe warning. Reader discretion is advised.


Who doesn’t like riding bikes? It’s a good exercize and is a faster way to get from one place to another, then walking. Also, if you ride a car, you aren’t getting any exercise, so its healthier. You can get fresh air in your face, a good workout on your legs, and something Calleda concentration test, that test your consentration. You have to concentrate on yoar movements and your balance so you don’t crash get hurt or destroy your bike.


I know that you can destroy a bike in a bad enough crash by experience. Once, I made a sharp turn on gravol close to a hill and… wel… At the end my bike had a brocken chain, a dented handle and a torn-up tire. Luckily, though, all I got were a few bruises. Nothing bad,

My worst bike injory was a groin in pain. MAN! Did I wish I didn’t slam on my bracks! I could barely walk after that. It was very emperising. Not as emperising as my most emperising time of my life. Try having your middle finger brocken in the middle of a crowd in a movie theater! It really happened! At least it didn’t get too bad, but it took a very, very, very long time too heel.


It took like, 5 months for it to heel. I had to where this annoying little cast on my finger for all of that time. It was very, very, very, VERY itchy. All I wanted to do was yank it off, and wiggle and shake out the pain, but I knew what the doctor said. She said to keep it on. And besides, I doesn’t know how to take it off, soooo……… I didn’t.

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