Breathing in I soak up all of his scent, honey and slightly like applesauce, not wanting to move. Wishing I could stay like this forever.

Stepping back my claws scrape on the rough stone , and I flick my tail back and forth, my eyes become slits, and i hiss, leaping forward.

I freeze, being as still as I could, breathing less, in fear that my ragged gasps for air wouldn't be heard, for if I was caught it would all be for nothing.

I tear away from her grasp, tears streaming down my face, and sink to the floor sobbing uncontrollably.

He walks closer carefully making his way over to me, he reaches for my arm, I shy away

I slip onto the floor sliding along my belly and weave in between the spikes, avoiding all of the empty holes where on used to be, and grimace remembering the mistake one of my pursuers made. Still hearing his agonized scream cut short by another spike, and glance back over my shoulder, as a tall shadow of a man slides over my back.

I curl up, still hearing an agonized scream, pierce the blackness of my mind, followed by a peal of laughter. And hold my head, my own mind as much of a prison as the concrete walls surrounding me, and a voice out of the blackness says, well at least you have me.

I blink light flooding through my slitted eyes and cover them with a hand, squinting the white blotches they made, I move my hands as a shadow covers the light.

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