Haii! So, basically this is a song into a story. The song this is based off of is Lily by Alan Walker. If you know the song, you’ll see that there’s exact lyrics included. Enjoy reading! -Myth

Lily was a young girl. She was always afraid of the thing many people called,’The Real World’. So she spent most of her childhood inside of her castle. Where she lived, she was known as Princess Lilyanne Anaflora. But she hated her complex name. So she went by Lily. She was also homeschooled. Lily never had many friends. None even. But she soon got interested in what was out there.

“Mom, what’s out there.” Lily asked, pointing to the woods.

Her mother gasped. “You don’t want to know what’s out there.” She nervously laughed.

That answer wasn’t enough. If she won’t tell me, no one will. If no one will tell me, I’ll find out myself, Lily thought fiercely. Determined to know what lied there.

Now and then she tried to run. And then one night, while the sun was setting. Away into the woods she went. Looking for her answer. She planned to go only for an hour. But after taking only a couple steps in, she seemed lost. Her home wasn’t visible. And she was lost, all alone. She was afraid.

Why didn’t I listen to them... she thought helplessly. She curled up on the ground, and cried to herself.


About an hour passed, something came creeping. She heard faint footsteps that gradually got louder. Until they stopped. Lily sat up, she had leaves and all sorts in her hair, she came face to face to face with a young demon boy.

He seized Lily’s heart the moment the locked their gaze at each other. The boy and a cold, yet calmly gaze. He had jet black hair, messy, yet perfectly combed. He had crimson horns poking out from his hair. He wore a black suit, and had black jeans as well. His eyes were a hypnotizing red. He had normal shoes, odd. His skin looked so soft. Lily resisted the urge to touch it. He was pale, like a vampire.

“What are you doing in a place like this?” his voice, was smooth and calming. It had a dry touch to it. But Lily, just fell for him, more and more.

“Oh, I was just leaving.” Lily replied, lying.

He laughed. “No one leaves once they come. You know that don’t you?” I stuck. Forever? Lily thought with fear.

“But don’t worry.” the boy continued what he was saying. “I’ll...keep you safe.”

He held out a hand, and as soon as Lily grabbed it, he pulled her closer to him. Close enough for Lily to smell his breath. Minty. He looked into Lily’s ocean blue eyes. And he formed a small smirk, as he let go, leaving Lily to fall, into a pile of leaves. He walked towards.

“Don’t you worry just,” he kneeled so that they both could lock gazes at each other. “Follow everywhere I go. Top over the mountain or valley low.”

He reached out a hand again, Lily grabbed the hand faster. He pulled her once more, “Give you everything you’ve been dreaming of.”

It was like his eyes glowed at this moment. “Just let me in...”

Lily found herself finished the sentence with an, “Ooh~”

He pointed to the sky, “Everything you wanted, gonna be the magic story you’ve been told.”

He paused, and looked into Lily’s eyes. “You’ll be safe under my control.”

His eyes glowed again. “Just let me in...”

“Ooh~” Lily finished.

The boy smirked once again. “What’s your name little girl?”

“Lily.” she responded, “Princess Lilyanne Anaflora.” She seemed proud of her name, for the first time.

The boy seem shocked, as both eyebrows went up. “Really? Your a princess?Interesting.”

“Your name?” Lily asked.


“Dominic. I like that name.”

He smiled, but that smile, became a smirk. As his eyes glowed towards Lily and Lily went to total darkness.

Hours passed. Lily could here Dominic’s words ringing. “Just let me in.” She thought she was dreaming. Wrong. She was actually closing her eyes. She slept, yes. But she seemed to not want to open her eyes and see him.

Lily finally opened her eyes.

“How’d you sleep?” he asked, He sounded so innocent.

I might as well play along Lily thought, annoyed. You rascal. Dominic did something to her. Lily would rather not say what happened. She remembered him saying, “Your mine.” Tsk.

“I’m okay...darling.” Lily said sweetly.

He seemed pleased with himself. He was hiding something. She knew that, just by watching his tail swing left to right.

“Well, let’s...go for a walk? Shall we?” he asked.

“Why, of course.”

Lily got off the bed, which was very comfy. And headed out. As they walked, Dominic held her hand. Lily knew she was hypnotized. They came to a frozen lake.

“Should we go?” Lily asked nervously.

Dominic just laughed it off. “Of course not.” Then again, he was planning something. “The ice will be able to hold us.”

“Sure, I guess.”

They walked on the ice. Dominic walked normally as if the ice was nothing. Lily knew she was walking on cold, thin ice. So she took caution. And as Lily thought, the ice broke. She fell in while Dominic, had wings.

She awoke on the same bed, she had just woken up from earlier. This time, she knew what to do. She got up, and quickly got dressed. Then she ran faster, and down the staircase and started screaming,


Behind her, she could see Dominic’s glowing eyes at the top of the staircase. Staring darkly at her eyes.

He walked down the staircase slowly, and told her in a...rather cunning voice, “Haven’t I told you? There’s no escape here darling. Once you...come can’t come...out.”

Lily turned her badk to him. He just laughed. Lily’s eyes widened. She turned to look at his eyes. I’ve got it. she smiled. “I HAVE AN IDEA TO GET OUT OF HERE, IDIOT!”

He narrowed his eyes at her. “Tell me. What are you even going to do?”

“Ha.” she replied. “It’s like I’ll ever tell someone as cold you. You little-“

She was cut off by Dominic hypnotizing her again.

Just what I needed...

This time, Lily was herself. Turns out he only put me to sleep. Idiot. She was in a dull and eerie room. Apparently he decided to tie her up on a chair. The ropes were tight around her. So forget about moving.

“Wow, the one who...loves me. Decided to tie me a up. How sweet. Such a romantic story.” Lily said. There’s more to that, really. But you don’t wanna know the cursing she said, no you don’t.

“Dominic. He uses charm doesn’t he? Smh. What could I expect? He’s a freaking demon. OF COURSE HE HAS SOME STUPID POWERS! THAT LITTLE-“

She was cut off, by hearing Dominic’s vocie from behind the walls somewhere.

“Follow everywhere I go. Top over the mountains or valley low. Give you everything you been dreaming of. Just let me in.”

Lily resisted the urge to say anything. Oo~

Dominic continued, “Everything you wanted gonna be the magic story you’ve been told-“

Yeah yeah Lily thought.

“-and you’ll be safe under my control. Just let me in. Oo~”

He sang quite gracefully without Lily saying anything. It was truly mesmerizing.mLily still stayed silent. Hopefully he thought Lily was asleep-

“I know you’re awake.” he said

“CURSE YOU!” Lily yelled. Oh my gosh. He just said to say something. DUMB IDIOT. UGHHHHHHH

“Works everytime,”

“I hate you,”

“As do I.”

“Did you actually know I was awake,”

“No. I just came down. For no reason in particular. As for now. You’re mine. All mine.”

“Are you sure, Dominic?”

“Only the future will say.”

He’s way smarter than I expected him to be.

“Well. I’ll just continue sulking in this room.” Lily said

“You seem to enjoy in there,” he replied. “That seems odd...knowing you’re a princess..aren’t you always talking and...around people all the day long?”

“Ha!” Lily answered back at him, nearly laughing.

“What?” he said, faintly annoyed, yet amused.

“I’ve spwnt my entire life homeschooled. Inside my bedroom. Doing nothing. But think what was out here....” her voice trailed off.

“I’ll leave.”


20 minutes passed. Lily continued her sulking, as she said she would. “I know you’re there.” she said referring to Dominic.

“Gosh you’re right. I haven’t left.”

“Dirty liar.”

By then, her vision became blurry. And she fell into darkness. And no, it wasn’t Dominic this time.

Lily awoke in her bedroom. Everything was there. She was her pajamas. way it could’ve been a dream. His voice kept on singing.

Follow everywhere I go...

“Lily! You’re awake. Now hurry and get changed,” her mother told her, “we have a photo shoot in 10.”

“Ok...” Lily replied, sounding unsure, she looked outside. There was the forest was. Lily knew what she needed to do.

Top over the mountains or valley low..

“Lily...” her mother started

“I’m okay. But first, I have some business to take care of.” she said avoiding a look in her mom’s eyes. “Please leave.”

And her mom did.

Give you everything you been dreaming of.

“Just let me in...Oo~” Lily sang as she got changed. She ran faster to the balcony out her room, as she shouted,


“Just let me in.” came a familiar voice.

“DOMINIC.” Lily cried into his arms. The demon was shocked with what Lily did. “No way it was a dream.”

“And it wasn’t.” he said.



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