I came out first to the girl who I had crush on. A few days later, I asked her out privately and she said yes. I told my best friend and this annoying girl overheard and decided to tell the entire class. Then people kept on reading the bible to me and explaining how I would go to Hell when I died and that I should be expelled from the school because it was a Catholic school. Later I told my mom and my sister and my grandmother and they thought it was a phase because it seemed like the latest trend to be gay. i kept quiet about the abuse that I went through. Then a month or so later a poem was apparently sent from my school email (I had forgotten to log out) and it was terrible. It was the rudest, most mean thing I heard in my life. So the Principal decided that he would have a talk with me about it. the talk that comes before suspension. I finally opened up about all the torture and abuse that I was going through and how I didn't send it and how I forgot to log out. What he did? Didn't do anything to the people who were treating me like &$@<%#*,€ and banned me from all technology for a week. Right when we were doing a huge project in Science that was all virtual. And the Science Teacher gave me a horrible mark for it because I did nothing because I wasn't allowed to use technology for a week! I hope whoever did it is happy with themselves. So the abuse went on and I kept getting things banned from me because some person decided to make up lies. When June came around I noticed more homophobes popping up on the WOF wiki so I started to help take them down. Then my gf cheated on me right before she moved. I gave her everything and all I ever got was a broken heart. Looking back, it was a toxic relationship. I would say that was the toughest time of my life because i was developing Bad Anxiety where I would see things that weren't there and my eyesight was starting to act weird and so were my ears. not to mention, i was getting tested for braces and I had cut off all my hair. I was switched to different medications, some almost like an anti-deppresant to others that made me..... Want to die. After all that, I think im a better person now. I hope I'm a better person. And that was the story of how I came out.

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