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Story: The Unwanteds


See this page for more information on the culture etc.

This is for the main races/peoples of the Sea. 'Peoples' means 'mortal humanoids' for the sakes of this guide.

There are a few traits that both the Toriens and the Da'kari both share, due to living in a shared climate etc. 

As a general rule, the people tend to have little body/facial hair due to the hot climate. People tend to be thin, with long fingers and angular faces. 

For reasons unknown, both the Da'kari and Toriens have unsually long lifespans, often living for 100 or more years comfortably. Both races have a prolonged youth, with people of 80 or more still looking 40 or so, except for streaks of white hair (in the Da'kari).

Some Toriens think that this occurs because of the pure diet and healthy lives the people live. Others think that it springs from the fey presence in the land.

Most believe that the reason behind this strange occurrence is due to a combination of both.

The Toriens

  • Eyes are gold, green, black, grey, or blue, and are often flecked with silver/gold. Red is also found, but it is rare and most who have red eyes are blind.
  • Most have medium builds
  • Striking white, platinum, or pale hair
  • Hair is most often straight or wavy
  • Nut brown skin
  • Unable to have powers
  • Many have a high intelligence
  • Tend to be thorourgh and neat
  • Have the abilite to see in semi or mostly dark conditions (when the moon/stars are out, faint light from devices etc)
  • Can hold breath for longer then average
  • Often have cat-like reflexes
  • Language is Torric. They also speak the Common tongue.

The Da'kari

  • Da'kari eyes tend to be swirled mixtures of colours, solid colours are rare. All colours except metallics can be found. Eye colours can change slightly in hue over weeks/days, then revert back
  • Skin colour ranges from nut brown to olive to white/pale and tanned. Yellow/mahogany are never found as skin colours
  • Mostly compact builds. Varied heights/weights.
  • Red, all shades of brown, black, and rarely, strawberry blond or dark blond hair.
  • Hair tends to be wavy or curly
  • Names often have meanings
  • Varied powers/abilities
  • Any level of intelligence
  • Language is Daliaan. Also speak Common.

The Torien Military

The Torien Militayr is made up of three parts: the Military, the Navy and the Corps. Each part is controled by one leader, with the exception of the Navy, which is under the control of the Military General. 

The ranking in the Military is as follows:


The highest ranking possible. There is only ever one General. Currently, the Military is lead by General Lucian Makorias.


Colonels mostly stay in the main military centres, eg. Fort Kahn and the capital, Za'raven. They are the planners, and help the General.








This section will cover climate/land/water/seasons etc.

The Sea of Kaenar'lic is located on the planet Ersea in the Coriin system. Ersea is a medium planet with five moons (See: Moons), with about five large continents and many archipelagoes. 


The Sea of Kaenar'lic is a tropical/sub tropical area, spreading over both sides of the Erseaen equator. Naturally, the climate is also tropical.

In the Dry Season, the temperature is very warm and pleasant. Most of the islands are cooled by the ocean winds. This is the growing season for many plants, and the time of the sea serpent migrations. The Dry Season is when most crops are grown.

The Build-Up is mostly hot and humid, with barely any rain. It is considered the most unplesant season.

The Rain Season is, as its name implies, filled with many seasonal storms called monsoons. Though hot, it is nowhere near the humidity of the Build-Up. It rains almost everyday in the afternoon/evening, and the nights are cool rather then hot.

Cyclones also build up during the Rain Season, and the most powerful ones can be very destructive. 

The Moons

Ersea has five main moons: the Bright Moon, the Blue Moons, the Canth Moon, the Silver Moon, and the Blood Moon. Due to the varying sizes of the moons, the tides of Ersea are very different from some other planets. As the moons orbit around Ersea, the tides change dramatically depending on the arangement of the moons.

For example, when the larger moons are mostly on one side, the tides are huge, and there might be only one per day. Other times there may be six tides per 24 hours.

Each moon has a cultrual significance for the both the Da'kari and Toriens.

The Blood Moon

Size/Shape: The largest moon. About double the size of the Canth Moon, and the same round shape.

Colour: As the name suggests, the Blood Moon is a rich crimson, with hints of orange and grey. It appears to be smooth.

Orbit: The Blood Moon's orbit is possibly the most erratic. During the Night of the Blood Moon, which is when the Blood Moon is closest, the tides are wild and deadly fast. The Blood Moon is the centre piece in the tidal pull, and is the cause of the most powerful tides.

Notes: The people of Kaenar'lic are fascinated by the Blood Moon, and it has mountains of lore surrounding it. To be born under the Blood Moon is a sign of great potential, and those who are are often the game-changers of the world. The Night of the Blood Moon is the biggest festival of the Da'kari culture. Toriens also celebrate it.

The Bright Moon

The Blue Moons 

The Canth Moon

Size/Shape: The Canth Moon is a round moon, about the size of Earth's moon.

Colour: Very dark grey, almost black. The surface is cracked and fissued.

Orbit: Similar to Earth's moon's orbit. 

Notes: The name 'Canth' means dark. Those born under the Canth Moon are said to be strong and clever, with the potential to be leaders.

The Silver Moon


The people of the Sea of Kaenar'ic use a calender based on the movements of the sun and the length of the days.

It is used by most people, and much of the seasonal information is written in almanacs (The Da'kari) and for most of the Toriens, on the Achives. The calender has several large holidays/festivals that both peoples celebrate, mainly those to do with the heavenly movements (The Night of The Blood Moon, Säyenner etc).

  • 427 days in a year
  • 13 months
  • 5 months have 34 days, 7 have 36
  • 7 days a week

The months are split into three groups, with a solstice/equinox between each group:

  • Dry Season
  • Build-Up
  • Rain Season

It is the year 3067 AS (After s'Ferron)

S'Ferron was the first Torien Emperor, and and all the years before him are called 'BS', or 'Before s'Ferron'. Sometimes the Da'kari use 'YF' (Year of the Fey). The YF counts from the same year as AS.


The various abilities of the Da'kari can be put into two groups: passive and non-passive. Passive abilities, such as Sight, Heightend Senses and the like are passive because they can only affect the bearer.  Abilities that can be used to fight, such as bending, telepathy, or telekinesis, are classed as non-passive.

All abilites have a costs or limitations. For most, using their abilite takes effort, and it can cause physical/mental exhaustion to use it to much. 

Passive Abilities

  • Sight
  • Heightend Senses
  • Polyglots
  • Seers





Pronunciation Guide/Glossory

This is for all names, words in Kaenar'lican languages, and the names of places. It will be updated as we encounter those names/words, so this is a glossary as much as a pronunciation guide.

How to understand/say pronunciation marks

In the world of the Sea of Kaenar'lic, pronuciation marks, or diacritics, are used as described below. As a general rule, I use them to indicate certain sounds that may not be how most people would pronounce the word.

é: The é in names/words like Béron makes an 'eh' sound. It can also mean that you say a what would normally be a silent 'e', as in Aethelé.

oë: The oë, as in Sayloë, means you say the 'e': oh-ee





  • Da'kari are a race of people, known for their 'magical' abilities and talents. They have beautiful eyes, and tend to be thin.
  • Da'kari means (people) of gifts.
  • For more information see: Peoples.



  • Male/Female
  • In other cultures, the name 'Dale' is a female name, however the Da'kari mostly use it as a male one.
  • A dale is a small valley, often a lush one.



  • The name of the Da'kari language. It has two branches: The Old Language and the New. The Old Language was the language before the Da'kari and Toriens joined forces and settled down together.

Farrihn Wayden


  • Male name.
  • Farrihn is a common name among the Da'kari. It is thought to mean 'brown-eyed'.
  • Rihn, a dark brown, and f'aen, eyes.
  • Waedene: wanderer



  • Herione is a type of energy used by the Toriens. It comes from a waste-eating bacteria, which gives off a gas that can be used to create energy, called 'Herione'.
  • Almost all large vehicles are powered by Herione, and every city has a plant that converts the city's waste into energy, thereby keeping the city powered and clean at the same time.
  • 'Herione' was given its name from the woman who found it: Dalayn Herionen.

Jaiden Ohrah

(Jay-den) (Oh-ra)

  • Male name in Torric.
  • Jaiden means 'Forever'.
  • Ohrah is the family name of one of the first emperor's Council of Four. They have since fallen out of favour.
  • Commander Ohrah is the commander of the Laeciyon extraction, and one of the commanding officers of Fort Kahn.
  • Uncle of Torrana Ohrah.



  • The Sea of Kaenar'lic is a tropical archipelago, filled with countless islands and one large continent, Torailyon.
  • Kaenar'lic means 'vast ocean'. Caen meaning 'ocean' and Arenlic 'wide, vast'.

Laeciyon Island


  • Laeciyon is a semi-large island about five days from the island of Karhn. It has a recent population of about 150 or so. Like most islands in the Sea, it has a tropical climate. The island is covered in a mixture of dense/semi dense jungle, palm groves, and a few high platues.
  • The island of Laeciyon may have been named after Vëhdamin Laesyon, an explorer/cartographer who mapped much of the Sea of Kaenar'lic.

Lucian Makorias



  • Lucian : 'good one', coming from the Torien 'an' (one) and 'lucis' (good)
  • 'Makorias' basically means 'those of the clouds'. It probably means the Makorias Family came from mountains.
  • Lucian is the General of the Torien Military, meaning he is the highest ranked officer there and one of the Emperor's Council of Four.

Lyrathaine Fasiherre:

Lyrathaine: (LIE-ra-Thane) "thaine" rhymes with "bane"

Fasiherre:  (FASI-Here)

  • Female name only.
  • The name 'Lyrathaine' comes from the constellation lyrathaen, or 'the Huntress'.
  • Fasiherre has no obvious meaning but possibly could have been derived from 'fasherrn', which is an old word for sky-fire (lightning).



  • Maraina is a female name. 
  • Fairly new name. No roots to the Old Language of Daliaan, but was the name of a pirate queen from an old story.

Moriah Béron

Moriah: (More-rye-a)

Béron: (Beh-ron)

  • Male name.
  • 'Moriah' is a completly invented name, with no ties to the old language. However, the name is similar to that of Mornia, which is a old battle site from the Old Wars.
  • 'Béron' is an uncomman last name with roots in the Old Language. It is thought to mean 'strong'. 



  • A peako is a small lizard-like creature. (See: Gallery)
  • Peakos are friendly, curious creatures that often bond with people, mostly Da'kari. They can be white, blue-grey, grey, or black, with bright fan-like tail membranes that come in a variety of colours.
  • Male peakos often have rips or tears in their tails.



  • A plume is a hairstlye often done by females who have long hair. It is similar to a ponytail, only with a stiff ribbon tied around the base an up about fifteen centimetres. It hangs off the neck that way.
  • It is very popular with Toriens and Da'kari, and is used by both males and females.
  • The Torien Military requires those with long hair to put it in a plume when on duty.

Quailen Fasiherre


  • Female name. 
  • A quailen is a kind of fish, also called a 'glimmer-scales' for its irridescent scales and beautiful colours.
  • Elder Quailen is Lyrathaine's great-grandmother.



  • The name of the Great Creator.
  • The meaning of 'Seigar' is 'great one'. Sei means one, and gar means great.
  • Possibly the oldest name in the Daliaan language.



  • Roucalóe means 'Honourbound' in Torric.
  • Roucalóe is one of the ten motherships in the Torien Fleet.
  • Commander Ohrah is the commander of Roucalóe.

Rowan da'Raelie

Rowan: (Row-an)

da'Raelie: (duh-ray-lee)

  • Rowan is both a male and a female name.
  • 'Da' means of/from (in a person sense: not to be mixed with 'don', which is 'of' meaning 'born' or 'born from'.
  • 'Raelie' is a very old surname probably meaning 'hill-top'. Raelein is an old word for a high hill.
  • A rowan is a type of tree that lives quite high in the mountains, and therefore is quite rare in the islands of the Sea. The name could possibly imply that the bearer is rare or special.

Torayn Fasiherre

Torayn: ( Tor-ray'n)

Fasiherre: (FASI-Here)

  • Male name.
  • The name 'Torayn' means something like 'happiness' or 'to be happy', coming from the words torén (joy) and aene (to be).



  • The Toriens are a race of people in the Sea of Kaenar'lic. They have several distinctive features, including white hair, bright eyes, and nut brown skin. (See: Peoples)
  • 'Torien' is probably from the name of the continent that they live on, Torailyon.
  • Also close to the Da'kari word for happiness, torén.


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