Quick NoteEdit

This is a song/rap, not just a poem.


Sitting by the light of the fire,

Notebook in my hand.

Looking over an unfamiliar skyline,

Poetry about the land.

Sunlight died an hour ago,

Getting harder to write,

The orange penumbra of the fire's glow

Makes it hard to see the night.

Though the light may go and our lives may know

That we should protect this park,

I'll write as the fire dies down, dies down

And I'll write as the world gets dark.

In my room, been half a year,

Worst-case-scenarios drift through my mind.

I close my eyes, shed a tear,

Wish I could leave these visions behind.

I see a future in my eye, they're scared of love,

Putting their last plea to the ones up above.

I hope I can take my long-planned stand

Before they decide to use that knife clasped in their hand.

Though the light may go and our lives may know

That there are those - we should protect their hearts,

I'll write as the lights go down, go down,

And I'll write as the world goes dark.

There would be an instrumental break here

And of course there is the question of our weaponry obsession

That begs us to teach the lesson of the death that they are messin' (with.)

Once, small rifles shot the deer and brought home the family meat,

Now war weapons spew out bullets and leave blood across the streets.

How can I feel safe with the idea -

Waking up with a machine gun at my head.

It's hard to live out my life because it's needed -

We need automatic weapons to be dead.

We're ruining our own beloved world,

It's like we're just waiting for it to end.

We're waiting for the arms of Death to unfurl,

Instead of small, good things - writing poems, saving friends.

Though the light may go, our lives may know

That the sting of the end could be sharp.

But I'll write as the sun falls down, falls down

And I'll write as the world goes dark.

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