Not sure if this is even allowed. Well, it probably is soooo

here we go.

HI FELLOW HUMAN! Have you ever tried to write stuff but your mind did a rage quit on you and screamed “IM NOT DOING THIS THINKING FOR YA YOU BIG NERD WEIRDO GO FIND SOMETHING ELSE TO DO”? WELL... I don’t have a solution for that.

BUUUT I do have weird and wonderfully empty of brain food writing prompts! Yayyyy

Let’s get started!

Number one: What if dis happens? WHOA BRAIN STOP THE RAGE QUITEdit

//Does the Umbridge thing// More commonly known as an AU, or Alternate Universe, this is something commonly seen in fanfics! Yayyyyy! Basically, the prompt is “What if something in the existing canon changed?”

Here are a few tailored to different fandoms!!!

Harry Potter


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