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Kriss Vector SMG Edit

The Kriss Vector is mentioned as a used weapon for the Northwest Canadian Special Forces Group ‘Hellfire’. It well be used in the Black Sparrow Story ‘Kińg Èider’.

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M9 Edit

The M9 was a minor pistol used in some of the Operation Black Sparrow Stories, like in Kińg Éider.

Customized Firearms / Firearm Variant’s Edit


The M18S41 Light Machine Gun (None, yet) Edit


The M18S41 is a Machine Gun Variant of the M16 Rifle. It fires 45. ACP (Rounds, Firing at 15000 rounds a hour, with 150 rounds per drum. M18S41 has a low jamming rate & can be equipped with a silencer (like in this picture). The M18S41 is only used by a handful of units.


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M5XJ1 SMG (King Eider short Story) Edit


The M5XJ1 is a low-quality SMG based on the M5XJ Assault Rifle & the UZI. It fires 5mm & fires at around 300 rounds a minute. The M5XJ1 commonly jams & has a internal silencer. It uses a 50-round.


KEN-45 (Olypmas Point) Edit


The KEN-45 fires 10mm bullets at a 100 rounds a minute. It is extremely Efficient at killing Enemies, & rarely jams. It is a MP5 variant.


Rifle’s Edit

M5-J (King Eider Short Story) Edit


The M5-J is the predecessor to the M4 assault rifle, using the same ammo & same rate of fire. The M5-J had better Range, accuracy, & a 20-round box mag. It became common use for US Black Ops & Commando, but was replaced by the M5XJ2 Assault Rifle by the US Army, Marine Co. & Paratroopers in 2057.


The M5XJ2 (King Eider Short Story) Edit


The M5XJ2 is a Rifle firing the 5.56×45mm NATO cartridge at 150 rounds a minute & with a low rate of jam with a long live, mainly replacing the M5-J in 2057. It had a range of around 300 meters. It commonly pieces Body Armor at 75 meters.


Jackal’s Lil’ Devils AR-15 Edit


These handful of customized AR-15s are used by the Jackal’s Devils Post-apocalypse Bandit gang until 2076, when it fell apart after the death of its leader, David O’Connor. It is silenced so it doesn’t draw zombies to the user, and used 20-round magiazines.

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Hunter Stefper’s Glock-18 Pistol Carbine Edit



This particular Glock-18 was customized by Hunter Stefper himself. He, when he awoke in a Military Hospital, found his Glock-18 on a Table. He then later used it to murder a huge number of undead of many types, as well as the Necromancer himself.

David O’Connor’s Glock .28 Edit


This Glock, firing the .28, was used & customized by David O’Connor, a Irish terrorist who later lead the Survivor Bandit group “Jackal’s Lil’ Demon’s”. He was born with this glock back in 2000 and died with it in 2076 by the hands of Former-CSOR Soldier Hunter Stefper.

Story Firearms (Made-up) Edit

Rifles Edit

Stana’s Automatic Rifle (Olypmas Point) Edit


The Stana’s is a uncommon Rifle sometimes used by Turkish Black Ops to Help Northwest Canada. It uses 10mm & 25 rounds firing at 300 rounds a minute & easyly punching thought body armor to exterminate any enemy.


Tigrus Pattern Bolt Rifle (An Emperor's Child) - Edit

There are many types and patterns of the mighty and iconic Boltgun used by the Adeptus Astartes, and the Tigrus Pattern Bolter is one such variant. During the latter days of the Great Crusade, its design was first discovered in the depths of Forge World of Tigrus. The STC data for this sleek weapon was quickly disseminated throughout the Imperium before the outbreak of the shadowed Horus Heresy. The noble bastion of Tigrus suffered irreparable damage at the hands of the Traitor Legions during that conflict, yet the Bolters that bear its name continue to see service in the 41st Millennium; revered and honoured as ancient relics of Mankind's lost glory. Though one of the rarer patterns of Astartes weaponry seen on the modern battlefield, Tigrus Pattern Bolters are renowned for their accuracy and the facility of their weapon spirits to operate in co-ordination with the systems incorporated within Space Marine Power Armour. The Tigrus Pattern Bolter made use of non-standard .60 calibre bolts, and 25-round box magazines. It also could be outfitted with a mono-serrated bayonet combat attachment.

Umbra Pattern Bolt Rifle (An Emperor's Child) Edit

-The Umbra Pattern Bolter is one of the earliest patterns of Astartes Bolter, firing in the less common .65 caliber and was produced in large quantities early in the Great Crusade. This reliable pattern of Boltgun saw widespread use amongst many Legions. It is still manufactured in the forges of some present-day Space Marine Chapters, including those of the Mantis Warriors, Executioners and Carcharodons Chapters, who made use of them during the Badab War.

JY34-X1 Marksman Rifle [The Tin Castle] (The Alaska Insident) Edit


The JY34-X1 fires 12mm bullets, from a 5-round tin box mag. It fires in bolt-action. It is commonly hated, nicknamed the Tin Castle because of the Tin Mag. It is used by the Russian Military as a Sniper & By the Union of Ukraine for a M Rifle.

R2-11 Anti-Material Rifle Edit


The R2-11 is a Turkish Anti-Material rifle, firing the 50-cal from a 7-round Magazine. It is used by the Turkish Military as a Sniper and A Anti-APC Rifle. It was common by 2051, by the Time of the Iraqi War in 2061 it was also used by the Iraqi as a Sniper.


HAM-1000 Edit





AR-33 (None, yet) Edit

The AR-33 is a Semi-automanic rifle created by ArmaLite to replace the AR-15 in 2041, as by this time the AR-15 was getting old, and inadequate in the modern market. The AR-33 fired the 6.65 x 45 mm from a 24 round Box Magazine. The AR-33 fired using electricity, and counted how many bullets where left in the magazine, seeing this from the rear sight. It was replaced fully by the AR-56 in 2052 like it replaced the AR-15.


AR-56 (Non, yet) Edit

The AR-56 was made in 2049 to replace the AR-33, doing so in 2052. It fired the 4.81 x 51 mm bullet from a 33-round M16-like box magazine. It can fire Semi-Automatically or Automatically, switching fire mode though a button. It also had all the other features of the AR-33, but moved the counter onto the Magazine itself. It had a flashlight-grip to.

FJ-67 Automatic Rifle (Olypmas Point) Edit


The FI-67 is a Iraqi-made Assault Rifle for the Iraqi Armed Forces. It fires the 11mm bullet at 300 rounds a minute from a 20-round magazine.


Shotguns Edit

Alred Shotgun (‘Arrow-fire’) ((Shadow’s Hour)) Edit


The ‘Arrow-fire’ is a Automatic shotgun firing the 20-gauge from a 20-shell drum based in the stock. It is a Bishop-design. It is used by many different Military & Research Organizations, some of which are the Kińg Èider, Turkish Black Op. Soldiers, the SAS, and many other Military & Research Organizations.


Stubhead Combat 10” (Shadow’s Hour) Edit


The Stubhead is a Semi Automatic Combat Shotgun, Firing the Rare 10-gauge 3-shell box magazine. It is only used by the US Strike Team Kilo-9. Kilo-9 was both born & shut down in 2056. It had a single mission, and only ever had one mission: save “the prisoner”.


SMG’s Edit

JR 4.5-5.6 Automatic SMG (Shadow's Hour) Edit



The JR (Johnson-Renter) 4.5-5.6mm fires the all new 4.5*5.6mm bullet, of which is very deadly to body armor. It is fired from a 100-round drum magazine. It fires at 100 rounds every 15 seconds. It is used only by the Kińg Èider for Prisoner transport & by the Northwest Canadian National Police forces.

Cult-SMG (Olypmas Point) Edit


The Cult-SMG was made by a Rogue Branch of Colt, firing 9mm bullets from a 35-round box magazine in 2036. It is used by Turkey as of 2045, and in 2056 a Silenced Version was used by Turkish Black Ops to support the Kińg Èider. The Rogue Branch of Cult shut down For unknown reasons in 2046. Cult built millions of them before they went down, and production was restarted by Turkey in 2047.


Malta-47 Edit





LMG’s Edit

Ginger-Automatic (The Alaska Insident) Edit


The Ginger Automatic is a 9mm-firing 75-round Mag LMG. It looks like a RKM, but is really based on the AKM & the AN-94. It fires 500 rounds a minute, & is oddly light. It is commonly used by Russian Commandos in 2053, like in the Alaska incident.


JR-56 (King Eider Short Story) Edit


The JR-56 is a independently-created LMG by Kriss International with a 200 round Drum Magazine, firing 10mm bullets at 400 rounds a minute. It is used by the Northwest Canadian Military & by Turkish Black Ops, as well as US Marines, starting in 2055.


HMG’s Edit

Astartes Mark IV Heavy Bolter (An Emperor's Child)- Edit

An up-sized fully automatic bolt weapon, the Mark IVa fires a .998 caliber bolt shell at a fairly high rate of fire, keeping up with the other weapons on the Legions. Used normally from firing from the hip as a mobile strong-point, it can also be mounted on the cupola of tanks or fired from a fixed position. This weapon is commonly used by Devastator squads.

Pistols Edit

RAT-A211 Edit


The RAT-A211 is a Pistol Carbine. It fires 8mm from a 200-round duel drum magazine. It is used by the Kińg Èider as a Pistol Carbine for its capture-and-return units that catch S-Class, and by the Northwest Canadian Government as a SMG for its Elite infantry. It is superior to most of its enemies, and the maker of this great weapon is unknown.

M91 Eagle Decimator Edit


The M91 Eagle Decimator is a powerful semi-automatic revolver that fires the 50. Cal from a small 5-round volver. It has a built-in red dot scope. It was made by the State of Newfoundland as a Officer’s Weapons, but was also picked up by the US as a Infantry Weapon, both in 2045. It was mass produced before the fall of Earth in 2075. In 2075, many Survivors across the US & Newfoundland use this.


CK-911-J Semi-auto Hunting Edit




WM6-5R1 Semi-auto Combat Pistol (WM6-5R1) ((Shadow's Hour)) Edit

The WM6-5R1 is a mighty good pistol, used by Kilo-9 as a sidearm and many normal Police Forces as a Standard Pistol. It fire's the .45 SAPR from a 14-round rounded-box magazine. The Pistol fires rounds electrically and has a built-in stock. Made in 2036, it was one of the first Electric Firearms ever, and was the first Electric Pistol ever.

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