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Round she is, yet flat as a board

Altar of the Lupine Lords.

Jewel on black velvet, pearl in the sea,

Unchanged but e'er changing, eternally.

- a riddle from D&D.

Normally silver, as bright as the sky,

Apollo's opposite, behind him she flies.

But days when evil's stronger her heart is slayed,

And she burns red at the flag of the bloody day.

- my addition.

I ride e'er a storm-head,

Adventurer's vice.

Although one strike will set you dead,

I'll never hit you twice.

I'll worm my way in your mind.

I crawl through society's behind.

And then they're at the forefront,

And no one will confront

What I do to everyone's mind.

First to eat but last having ate.

The start of evil and the beginning of the end.

End of the game, yet the end of hate,

I'm in even these words, and I guarantee I'm your friend.

I love to make you scream.

I'm inside your darkest dreams.

I'll tell you the future,

Pinch your sanity like sutures,

And I'll tell you much more than the theme.

I can affect your body.

I can affect your mind.

I can make you find a home or make you leave it behind.

I can make you smile.

I can make you dream.

I can make your heart sing or I can make it scream.

However, the one thing about me

That's written into fate,

Is that, as long as I am truly here, I can never be faked.

I can destroy your body.

I will destroy your mind.

I sneak into homes, destroy homes, children and parents left behind.

I will mask your smile.

I will twist your dreams.

I will make your heart, your head, your body scream.

But there is one thing about me,

That will lead to my end.

I can always be destroyed by the simple hand of a friend.

Though they try so very hard

I never wind up looking real.

Though I can smash your esteem to shards,

It's only what you think that you feel.

For I am just a silent plea

For you to feel shot down,

So if you choose to ignore me,

I'll turn into a frown.

Though you thought you'd love me,

I made you feel depressed.

Because, though you loved me before

And thought that I was best,

I made you feel so cheated

With every word I shed.

Perhaps your favorites were defeated,

And everybody wound up dead.

Perhaps my creator couldn't decide

How to make me very well,

So they decided to hide

Their poor skills by making hell

Inside your mind as you sought

The ending to this quest.

The fanfictions, the battles fought

About which "ship" was best.

But you lost all those wars

Because both of them are gone.

So save yourself a chore,

Leave me to rot and carry on.

I will never see the future; will only see the past.

Yet everyone on Earth has seen me before.

Though I am different for everyone to exist,

Everyone knows me, from shore to shore.

Sometimes I am kind,

But mostly I am not.

Yet you will always find

That I'm the only thing you've got.

I am the only thing

That is a surety.

So give up your fears and bring

Yourself into me.

I dragged you through a nightmare,

Yet you came back every day.

I pulled you through heartbreak,

Yet you matched me the whole way.

Pace for pace, your eyes flew

Across my skin of words,

But my heart was what your heart knew,

Of stories, truly seen and heard.

For the eyes only know image and light,

Signals and chemicals, data and fact.

But you yourself, you know, that's it.

You know how to coax me out, bring old stories back

Time and time again, and I'm not afraid

To call you forever my friend.

Though you deny it every time,

It's so obvious that you're mine.

Despite all you've installed,

I reign over all;

You've rebooted me forty-six times.

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