Hello from Enderfiretheanimusdragon! This is a bunch of short story starters that I wrote that I will be using! Without further adieu...Ender's Ideas!

Anyone reading may use as many of these starters as they want, but only the first line. (the actual story starter.)


It was a fun game, when I thought I knew everything.

"I thought I knew you," I whispered.

The masked figure stood at the back of the warehouse. Waiting.

"You told me your name," I whispered.

He watched me silently, nervously yet coldly, and shook his head in a flash of a motion.

It dawned on me what he'd meant.

"That was never your name," I whispered coldly. My voice cracked. "Why did you lie?"

"Um, Kim?" came Reggie's voice from behind me. My idiotic cousin still held the paintball gun that got us in this much trouble in the first place. "Shouldn't"

"I'm not leaving until I get answers," I snarled, still staring the masked figure down. "Why did you lie to me?" Against my will, the tears begin to flow.

He shook his head again, frantically, and motioned for me to follow him.

To be continued...


He was a failure as a werewolf.

Josh groaned, lying on his back, as the vampire pressed his foot into the young werewolf's chest.

"Too slow," the vampire purred. He removed his foot with a last push that made Josh wheeze. "You get worse every time."

"It's hard," Josh wheezed, unable to get out the rest of his sentence - which was a good idea, considering the content of it.

It's hard when your sparring partner's gaze make you flinch.

It's hard when your sparring partner's face makes you look twice.

It's hard when your sparring partner's smile makes you want to laugh and cry at the same time.

It's hard when your sparring partner is the most beautiful thing you've ever seen.

"Get up," Rixxia snarled. Their instructor was glaring disinterestedly down over Josh. You would never think she was a succubus from first glance, considering that she wore the battle armor of an Erinyes and the visage of a mildly annoyed demon lord.

"Can't," Josh murmured, smirking. "I'm dead."

"You know perfectly well my restrictions," she growled. "I can't touch you, unless you would like to really be dead.

Josh sighed, dragging himself to his paws. As always, he wobbled. Lycanthropy had struck him much later than the other werewolves, and his feet weren't used to being hindpaws yet. But it was true that he didn't want to be touched by Rixxia. Her "restrictions" were clear - she only touched those that she would romance or kill within a month.

To be continued...

Future StartersEdit

He advanced toward her, arms wide, his face plastered with a grin.

That's the dumbest sword I've ever seen.

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