So a few of you requested I make my blog for character writing tips and advice a page! I decided I would love to do that, so I gladly will. It will only have a few small edits (mostly the introduction), and I will be writing many more guide pages for you guys!

So...Hi! Edit

I wanted to start by saying hello! If I vanish from the wiki it will be for a very short time because I need to get a laptop, and I'm using a school chromebook. School is almost over, so I need to go buy one!

Now...onto character advice! Edit

So I've seen nothing but good character development and writing on the wiki, which I am proud of! Honestly, I'd say many of you guys write better characters then some authors out there that are famous, which says a lot. So I wanna give y'all tips to keep it up, because I enjoy seeing well-written characters, and I've had many surprising compliments on how good I am with my character writing.

Methods Edit

There are different methods to creating the personalities of different characters. Remember that every character has their own flaws and quirks, and every single character is different from one another when it comes to terms of personality! (Except maybe certain clones or robots, unless it's Star Wars)

Method #1: Personal Experiences Edit

Many people will base an OC off themselves or people they know, which is probably one of the best ways to develop a character. If you've had experience with heartbreak, you might want to base a character off that feeling, and have someone whose gone through that. If you've experienced anxiety, work with that. Use the personalities of the bullies or mean people in your life as antagonists. If there's someone you wish you could like but just...can't...well, not to worry, there's a such thing as an anti-hero, which might even influence you to like that person more.

This method can also help rid you of stress in your life. Basing an OC off your own experiences may make you feel somewhat comforte

Method #2: Emotions Edit

Basing characters off different emotions is interesting, and you see that a lot. Making a character who is often grumpy or happy is good for creating interesting flaws and points of view. I admit it's not the one I use the most, but I know it works.

Method #3: Your Own Different Personality Quirks Edit

Another good way to create a character is to use your own personality quirks and flaws. Choose any aspect of your own personality and put different parts into different characters. This is a really simple and easy method to use, and one of the most effective.

Method #4: Famous People or Fictional Characters Edit

Basing a character off someone you admire, whether real or fictional, can certainly help with their personality. It's really fun to work with. Even basing off someone you loathe is fun for making antagonists.

Canon characters in fanfictions Edit

Now, my advice for this is to just remember their personalities in the books. You don't wanna put a stranger in your story that's from the series but is nothing like them! I haven't seen this in a while, though, which is good. But just remember their individual quirks and flaws!

Development Edit

Just remember, development isn't always necessary, though it does add some emphasis on some characters in some stories. It really depends on the story. Here are my tips for development:

  1. Don't overdo it- Not every character in a story or series has to change. Some are set in their ways. Every character is different. Not every story has character development, especially in short stories (unless they are solely about that) Despite what people say, sometimes characters don't need development, though it is true they often do. But don't have a character change in every chapter. 
  2. Don't rush it- Development is something that takes time. As I said, a character doesn't change in a single chapter. Development and slow realizations take time. In my opinion, character development is something that should be thought out slowly, and with care.
  3. Don't Mary Sue it- Don't get rid of a character's flaws entirely. If you're trying to better them, it should be gradual, but remember that everyone has their own flaws. Being perfect is just...not really possible I guess.
  4. Don't turn them into a stranger- The character should still end up with relatively the same personality they started with. Things may change, that's true, but their original personality shouldn't change. You should be able to read the story and know the person isn't completely different. Even though some of their morals and beliefs may change, they would still posess most of their traits. However, sometimes a certain belief will change their perspectives, but not their morals or beliefs entirely.
  5. Perspectives- A person's actions, morals, beliefs, and even personality can be traced to their perspectives on things. Like a glass half empty and glass half full type of person. A person can be turned into a villain if they think the way of life they're living is wrong, or vice versa. A person who was once very sad can change into a happy person with a different perspective. Just remember nobody changes themselves entirely. Some things will just remain a part of a person forever. 

In conclusion... Edit

I wanted to say that I am really shocked and happy you guys enjoyed my blog post for this so much that you wanted me to make this into a page! I will be making more writing guide, prompt, and advice pages as I think them up, and I'm really glad you guys enjoy that as well as my fanfiction writings! I will be working as hard as I can to make the best content, especially whenever I get my laptop! If you have any ideas, you may gladly ask.

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