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This is our attempt to keep track of everyone's names and pronouns. If you're not on here, feel free to add yourself. If your name or pronouns changed, please update them.

If you are unsure of how to edit this table, ask a poweruser.

Username Name Pronouns
TurquoiseEmber Turquoise, Ember she/her
SamuraiSwords Zura he/him
XxRoseTae Mira she/her
PerfectlyPastel Robynn, Pastel xe/it/he/fae
SociallyAwkwardDashite Dashie she/her
WanderingRaven Wandering (preferred), Raven he/they/she
Ivy the Wingwatcher Scint, Aobi he/she/it
Username Name Pronouns
Multiple Mysteries MM, M&Ms, Multi Myst she/they
Starry Snow Denali/Swift/Mercury spark/ve/ey/ae/they
Light304 Light she/her
Txrtletigrr Link/Linkzac/Zac it/its, vae/vaer, they/them
CosmicSnowstorm Thunder they/them, he/him, storm/stormself, xe/xem
Termlessfir108 Termlessfir/Term, Screecht they/them
SupernovaSwirls137 Riley, Nova they/fae/ae/xe
Kitty Queen123 Vyx, Storm vae/ae/they
PuffintheTrilobite Puffin, Trilobite he/him, they/them
JaguarMantisMoon Jaguar he/him (preferred), they/them
UncertaintyBlue Blue they/them (preferred), he/him
KodeVillainHoax6 Kat, Kay she/him/hers, fae/faer, thon/thons (preferred)
ChaostheAnimusNightWing Chaos, AnimusNighty
Mxnty Vibez Mxnty (preferred), Vxnty, E, Minty (preferred), Frostbite she/her (preferred), they/them, it/its, a/ar
Lizzythebaddie239 Ali, Lizzy she/they/it
Lunathepurpledragon Luna, Honse she/her
TilanissaWildhawk Tilan (strongly preferred), Tilanissa she/her
Cirkasius Ember she/her, they/them
DeltaTheSeaWing Delta, Del, Liliann she/her, they/them
-thorn-heart-117 Lyric, Cyrus ae/ve/they
AzkabanNerd of the RainWings Azzy, AzkabanNerd, Dusky, WoFangirl she/her, they/them