Authors' Academy Wiki

Yes, this wiki has levels like a cheap RPG. Actually, it would be a free RPG since no one is getting profit from this. But wait, Fandom gets profit...

That's irrelevant.

Let's get to the levels.


Writer (1-9 pages)

Congratulations, you've been posting! But not that much... Shaking my quill, young writer. Surrender to the allure of the internet and lose your soul like the rest of us.

Contributor (10-24 pages)

CONTRIBUTING! THEY'RE CONTRIBUTING! Good for them, good for them.

Scribe (25-49 pages)

When the scribe starts scribing, we call that a...scribe...moment... -sh*tty dad joke.exe has stopped responding-

Author (50-74 pages)

Bro, close your eyes. Tell me what you see, bro. Nothing, right, bro? That's the wiki without your writing, bro...

Storyteller (75-99 pages)

We do a little storytelling. A little? No, that's a lot. 75-99 pages is a SUBSTANTIAL amount, kind of like my STUDENT LOAN DEBT distant screaming

Bard (100-124 pages)

If you got this far, you probably don't have a social life. Welcome to the writing world.

Littérateur (125-149 pages)

Someone get this person some coffee. They probably need it.

Wait! I Don't Have One!

If you match the criteria for a level, you have to ask for it. Go to an admin's message wall and tell them you're ready for your new title.