Welcome to Authors' Academy! This wiki's main purpose is to provide a place for budding writers to share their work with the Internet and get constructive criticism from others.

This is the Community Portal, a place that really just sums up this wiki in general.

Rules Edit

1) Be kind. Remember the Golden Rule. This wiki was specifically designed to help others, not to hurt. Be considerate and friendly at all times.

2) Follow powerusers' instructions. If a poweruser tells you to stop doing something, you must stop immediately. Nothing good will come of disobeying orders.

3) Don't spam, vandalize, create random pages, etc. These things just cause clutter all over the wiki, and serve no purpose.

4) Don't share personal information. This is obvious - it's for everyone's safety.

5) Keep content PG-13. This wiki isn't meant to talk about... that stuff. You're not allowed to cuss either - you can use "frick," "crap," or "darn." That's it.

Things To Do Edit

First, make sure you read the rules!

Afterwards, you can make pages for your writing. If you want, you can even make pages for the characters in your stories.

Finally, you can add to our Writing Help category. This helps people get writing prompt ideas, fix grammar, OC help, and much more.

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