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Welcome to Authors' Academy!

It is a beautiful, sunny morning in front of Authors' Academy. The island located in the middle of the great blue sea is always calm and peaceful, and today is no exception. The waves lap at this crystalline sand; birds chirp in the rainforest beyond a magnificent building of stone and silver. A massive cobblestone bridge stretches off the shore, over the rolling ocean and bubbly seafoam. Far in the distance, a purple-ish blob of land is visible. It is a normal day at Haven Island.

Except for the students arriving.

The first one to appear is a young girl, willowy and thin. Scuffing across the sand, leaving small dusty puffs in her wake, she glances around nervously. It is clear that she is anxious about the upcoming school year.

Suddenly, the door is flung open by an elderly, graceful woman. She wears a flowing silken cloak that seems to shift colors as she walks and carries herself with a regal air. A pair of golden spectacles rest on her nose, stern eyes in a once-beautiful face. Despite her age, the girl gets the feeling that this is not someone to mess with.

"Hello," the older woman says in a melodious, soothing voice. "I'm Flora, and I'll be your principal this school year."

The girl waves a tentative hello. "What... what will we be doing here?" she asks shyly. "The letter just said I got accepted into a prestigious school."

Flora's smile brightens. "Why, writing, of course. All sorts of writing. Stories and fanfictions and poetry and - well, anything, really."

The girl's eyes stretch wide in wonder. "Really?"

"Oh, yes," Flora answers, turning toward the building with a flourish. "Welcome, my dear, to Authors' Academy - where anything is possible."

What You Can Do Here

Whether you be an awesome writer, a person who wants to improve their stories, or someone who's just checking this out, you're welcome here!

This wiki was created as a place for people to make pages for their writing and have others give constructive criticism. Or you can just hang out.

If you're a writer, make some pages for your stories! Other people can offer criticism in the comments or on your wall. You can also make pages for your story characters - just remember to add the abbreviated story title in the page name.

If you're a reader, treat this site as a library! Look around for some writing that you like. Read through it, and give the writer some constructive criticism in the comments or on the author's wall. But remember - we build others up, not break others down. Be kind with your comments.

And whoever you are, please help build up this wiki! Right now, you can help by editing some Article Stubs, which are basically articles that need more information.

Before you start, make sure to read the Rules! After that, feel free to publish your writing.

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