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AU notes: ===

1.After Darkstalker vanished, all the dragon tribes on Pyrrhia (Pantala isn't in this story yet) decided that animae were too dangerous, and began to follow the example of the SkyWings. From then on, if any animae (yes that is the correct spelling) were born, they were murdered. A queer IceWing named Frigid protested the new practice, and the SeaWings and NightWings teamed up to fight it as well. But eventually, even the IceWings accepted the new practice, and a animae has not been sighted in a long time.

2. Asha survived her wounds, and Webs managed to find Glory and an IceWing egg. The ToP kept them both.

3. Glory was born with a damaged wing, and some of the character's personalities are different.

=== Prologue === Kestrel and Dune watched the the eggs. The brown egg had a crack running across its surface already. Dune shifted awkwardly back and forth. "Webs said he'd be here right now."

Kestrel scratched at the ground with her claws. "Anything could have happened. You know Webs, he's probably..." The cave door flung open. Webs walked in slowly. He was gasping, and a scratch on his leg was bleeding. In his arms were two eggs, an IceWing and a RainWing. Kestrel and Dune were too stressed and worried to care.

"What took you so long? And what's with the two eggs?" Dune asked him.

"I got caught taking the IceWing. And as for your other question, I had an opportunity to take an extra from the RainWings." Kestrel opened her mouth, but Webs held up his front talons. "We might need it. The IceWing is royal as well. If either it or the SeaWing turn out to be animae, I'm not sure how long we can cover that up. We will at least have a backup, whatever happens. And really, what does Morrowseer have to complain about? An extra dragonet is probably a dream come true, especially if he doesn't approve of the RainWing." Kestrel and Dune nodded slowly. "Look, the brown one is hatching." Kestrel said. Webs turned over to look at it, just as it broke in two. Sitting in the nest was a tiny brown dragonet. It gurgled.

"Aw... It's actually pretty cu-" Dune said. Suddenly the brown dragonet lunged at the blue egg, which broke open with a crack. Kestrel grabbed the squirming MudWing, and the blue dragonet snuggled back into its shattered egg. "What's wrong with it?" Dune asked.

"Nothing." said Webs. "Something set it off, let's just try to calm it down." All the eggs were cracked by now, and a couple were even beginning to emerge from their eggs. The brown dragonet leaped out of Kestrel's arms and bit down hard on one of the eggs...

Part One Edit

Chapter One Edit

Clay had been thrown into the river again. Kestrel always threw him into the river, and he would wake up cold and soaked. His bones ached as he stood up slowly. Above the water, a silver snout appeared and its owner lifted Clay out of the water. Clay breathed a sigh of relief. It was Peak, the IceWing dragonet. He smiled at Clay. "Was it Kestrel again?"

Clay nodded. "It's always her. Thanks for helping me, I know it's a hassle.." Peak put a claw over his mouth.

"Clay, you are never a hassle to me. Ever. Got that?" Clay nodded.

"Thanks, Peak. But we better get back to the reading cave or else Starflight will go ballistic."

Peak laughed. "Alright, goober. Let's go."

When the two of them arrived at the reading cave, Starflight was sitting on a rock spire waiting for them. Everyone else was already there except Glory. He nodded at them as they entered. "Good, you're here. Now we're just waiting on Glory." At that moment Glory walked in.

"Sorry I'm late, Asha kept me.." Starflight glared at her. She stopped abruptly and sat down. Starflight began to read.

Clay's head drooped onto his shoulder more than once, but every time Peak would quickly squeeze his hand so he woke up again. Clay listened for as long as he could, but the next thing he knew, Asha was gently shaking him. "Clay? Kestrel's got an announcement for all of you."

Clay trudged into the main cave, where everyone was already sitting down. "Oh good, now everyone's here." Kestrel said. "Alright, so today, we're having an animus test. As you all know, animae normally are killed before they can say their first word. But our situation is a bit different. If any of you turn out to be animae-" Was it Clay's imagination, or did her gaze linger on Tsunami and Peak a bit longer than everyone else? "Well, we live underground, so it's quite likely we could conceal you for a bit longer than usual. But on one condition..." Dune suddenly interrupted her.

"But that isn't important. Here's how the test will work. You will be given a pebble in front of you. You will have to command that pebble to float above your head. If it floats, you're an animus.

Peak snorted. "Like we didn't already know that." Dune glared at him.

"Anyway, who would like to go first?" Dune held up a pebble.

Glory walked up to him. Her injured, lime green wing dragged on the ground as she walked. Clay wouldn't admit it, but he secretly really looked up to Glory. Her whole life, she had to struggle because of her injured wing. And now that he thought about it, it made sense. The RainWings hadn't had an animus in a long time. There was an almost invisible chance that she was an animus.

Kestrel snorted, but called her up.

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