Night Sky

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Night is lean and thin, though not painfully or purposefully. Her eyes are blue, sort of ocean blue but not too dark. She has double eyelashes, a case where her eyelashes have two rows. This results in very curly, thick lashes, and extra eyelashes to wish on.

She walks delicately, her steps purposely soft and quiet, allowing her to slink around with ease.

Her hair is a darker brown with golden streaks only to be revealed in the sunlight. Her hair is naturally straight and she would have it no other way, usually keeping it down or in a ponytail. It turns vaguely wavey when she takes her ponytail out. Her hair reaches just past her waist, which is partly because of a gene passed down from Princess to Princess.

Her mouth is small and cute, her bottom lip hardly larger than her tiny upper lip. Her ears are a normal size, though hair prevents you from seeing them. Her nose is small but plump with a rounded tip and even nostrils.

Her first outfit is a large cerulean gown, nearly reaching the ground. There are white frills at the bottom like small waves, on of many layers within the dress. Darker blue patterns like vines crawl up from the bottom of the dress, finally stopping before they get to the waist area. It is quite tough to get on, causing Night pandemonium every time she has to struggle through the hole at the top to get her head in. It has very short sleeves, ending in the ruffle similar to the bottom of the dress.

Her crown is small and golden, and with every spire a pink sapphire is studded in. Night dislikes wearing a crown very much, thinking they are bulky and annoying.

Her gloves are a simple icy blue, reaching her elbows barely. They match with her silvery headband that pushes back her hair. This is the only part of her outfits she’s moderately okay with.

When she takes the dress off, she is wearing a light pink t-shirt that’s a little baggy on her, with medium length sleeves and a rounded neck.

Queen Midnight

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