Okay, so! I think this is the 666th page on the Author's Academy wiki unless someone already beat me to it! I just want to say: this fandom has been really cool, and I enjoy being able to easily access all these inspirational works of art. This has been such a welcoming community and I feel grateful to be able to access this kind of resource. I love seeing the level of support people give to other people on here, and I love how amazing the writers are. I hope that a lot more people get on here-- all the more creativity for all the users! This might not be the oldest fandom ever, but I can say with confidence it's one of the nicest, most supporting fandoms out there. There's not a better place to look if you want to be included and to have your work seen, although it may not be seen by many. I know this isn't really about 666 of the devil, but I wanted for this to be clicked on by many so that people who are unsure about this fandom can be sure that it's a great community and the perfect place to be if you want to be included n a massive group of positivity, kindness, and inclusion for all. Even though not everyone can be nice, this is a place where pretty much everyone is kind, supportive, positive, and agreeable. Even if you're a random person without an account, I want you to go create an account and join Author's Academy right now. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!!!!!!! Again, this is an amazing community where everyone can feel welcome. There aren't any trolls, and everybody is valued and appreciated on this fandom. So yeah, you should TOTALLY JOIN if you haven't yet!!!!!! I'm not saying don't join other fandoms, I'm just saying that this is the one for you. No doubt about it!!!! I love this place and have never felt unwanted or disliked. I have only ever seen positive energy. Even the serous posts are never unkind or rude.

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